Is Glenn Dead on The Walking Dead? Yes, No, Maybe So

the-walking-dead-episode-603-glenn-yeun-photos-800x600Is Glenn Dead on The Walking Dead? Yes, No, Maybe So


Normally Bicycle Girl likes to begin these posts with something funny, but I’ve got no jokes in me tonight, you guys. And no legs either. Okay. Maybe I had one joke in me.

But seriously…did we lose Glenn tonight? Let’s take a look at what might have happened. Here are the three possibilities as I see them.

Possibility One: Yes, Glenn Is Dead



With this theory, everything played out just as it happened on the screen. Nicholas took his own life and in the shock of the moment, he and Glenn both fell to the ground. The last moments of Glenn that we get to see are him being torn apart by the Walkers.
Supporting Evidence That Glenn Died in TWD 603:

1. Glenn’s expression looked rather pained in the moments when he was on the ground.

2. Frankly, Glenn dying seems to fit the theme of the show the best. Time and time again, we’ve seen that choosing kindness or being the moral compass on The Walking Dead ends in death. It happened with Dale. With Hershel. With Tyreese. In the season premiere, Maggie said to Tara how good of a person Glenn was. Goodness has proven to be a death warrant on the show before.

3. Glenn quoted Hershel saying “We all have jobs to do” and looked at Hershel’s pocket watch when they were in the pet store. Tying Glenn to Hershel in that way could be foreshadowing that Glenn like his father-in-law is fated for death.

4. Glenn called Rick a dumbass on the radio, replaying their first conversation. It’s possible that Glenn’s last words and communication with Rick were the same as his first.


Possibility Two: No, Glenn Is Under the Dumpster



With this possibility, Glenn fell with Nicholas on top of him. The expression on Glenn’s face is one of fear, not of pain. At some point, Glenn slips under the dumpster and hides from the herd, remaining alive.
Supporting Evidence That Glenn Did Not Die in TWD 603:

1. Glenn did mention that he would give them a sign if he couldn’t make it back, and he was still alive. There’s a possibility this was just something said as a part of planning; it did seem like it could be a significant plot point later on.

2. Glenn wasn’t shown on the death reel of Talking Dead. Perhaps he’s not dead. Scott Gimple’s letter on Talking Dead also says he will be seen again.


“In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story.”



3. Nick’s may have intentionally put himself on to of Glenn and pulled him to the ground to save him. That’s why he said thank you. He felt as if Glenn gave him a chance to redeem himself. This is his way of making things right the way Glenn told him that he needed to.



Possibility Three: No, Glenn and Nicholas Are Still On the Dumpster.



With this possibility, Nicholas never really fired the gun. He was hallucinating. In reality, Glenn and Nicholas are still standing there trapped. I personally find this one to be the least likely.

Supporting Evidence That It is a Hallucination:

1. Nicholas was acting like a crazy throughout a lot of the episode, hearing sounds and losing himself in his surroundings from time to time. We did seem to be viewing at least the part of the scene through the filter of his temporary madness.

2. The Walking Dead has had hallucinations before. The phone ringing. Lori in her white dress. Tyreese and his visitors. It’s possible that part of the scene didn’t happen as it played out.

3. See Scott Gimple’s letter.

So what is Bicycle Girl’s final takeaway? Did Glenn Die in The Walking Dead EP603?


Ultimately, I think what would suit the themes of the show best would be for Glenn to die, but if anyone could make it through, it’s Glenn.


Oh…and there’s also this photo that shows one of the scenes with Jesus from the upcoming season. That fellow right behind him sure looks like Glenn, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine how he’d be in a flashback with Jesus. Can you?




Guess we’ll have to wait and see, yeah?

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