The Walking Dead Issue #169 Recap and Review

The Walking Dead Issue #169: Lines We Cross Recap and Review


Another month has come and gone readers, and we finally have the next exciting issue of The Walking Dead to sift through. After a tense standoff in issue #168, how do Rick and company start the process of healing and rebuilding? As always, READER BEWARE!! There are SPOILERS AHEAD, so get to your local comic establishment and get reading if you haven’t done so yet, otherwise, here is the recap and review of Issue #169: Lines We Cross.

This issue opens with Carl kneeling in front of Andrea’s grave, while from behind him, Lydia approaches. She kneels down next to Carl and he tells her the story of Ben and Billy, and what happened after Ben killed his brother. He lets her know that after it was debated among the group what to do with Ben, that he was the one who went and killed him because he figured it would be okay for a kid to kill another kid. Carl tells Lydia that he eventually told his father what happened, but it wasn’t until the fight with Negan that he let Andrea know that he was the one who killed Ben. Carl tells her that Andrea cried a lot, and then she wiped her tears away and aid I love you to him. From that moment on, he called Andrea mom.


Back in the town, Rick walks around surveying the cleanup when Maggie approaches him needing to talk. The two go inside and sit down and Maggie asks him how he could just let Negan walk free after everything he did. Rick tells her that he doesn’t excuse him for what he did, but he doesn’t see a difference between himself and Negan. Maggie tries to reason with Rick, but Rick stops her by saying that he can’t keep Negan locked up, and he can’t kill him, so he’s going to let him leave.

Back at Eugene’s house, he continues to have conversations over the radio with the mysterious Stephanie who tells Eugene she was worried about him when Siddiq talked to her on the radio. There’s a knock at his door and Rick asks Eugene to tell him about the radio and that he needs to talk with whoever he is communicating with. Eugene tells Stephanie to trust Rick and she talks to him. They plan a meetup so that they could possibly get the two communities working together. After making arrangements, Rick and Eugene talk about forming a small team to meet up with her group, and Eugene insists he be on the team, because she trusts him. As he continues on, Rick sees Dwight and tells him they need to talk.


As Maggie packs up to head back to Hilltop, Carl let’s her know he’s coming with her and when she asks what he needs, he lets her know he needs to live his own life away from the town.


Rick talks with Jesus about going out on the team to do reconnaissance for them, and Jesus tells Rick to find someone else, because he doesn’t want to do that type of mission anymore. Rick suggests Arron, and Jesus lets him know that they are together now, and he won’t want to go either. Rick smiles and tells him he’s happy for them.

Later that night Rick meets up with Dwight and the two of them have a heated exchange after Rick asks Dwight to go out with the team to Stephanie. Dwight tells Rick the town would be better off if he stayed and took over, which takes Rick by surprise. He tells Rick that he wants to lead because he is the cause of all the problems they’ve had. Rick tells Dwight the conversation is over, and that he’s going to be watching him. He also lets Dwight know that whatever he chooses that he has a rage boiling inside, and that he better not give him an excuse to let it out.


The next day Michonne approaches Rick saying she wants to go out on the mission to meet Stephanie and after a short conversation, Rick agrees. Michonne leaves to get ready, and Carl approached his father who is kneeling at Andrea’s grave and tells Rick that he is heading back to Hilltop. Rick tells his son it’s okay and that he’s proud of him.

Over at the supply house, Dwight watches as Negan grabs some food before he leaves, and as Negan tries to explain where he’s going, Dwight tells him to go. As he opens the gate for Negan to leave, the scouting party and Maggie’s group head out as well. As the groups prepare to go their separate ways, Maggie tells Dante to follow Negan so she can keep an eye on him at all times.

So there you have it, Issue #169 recapped. So, we’ve got some tension between Rick and Dwight which the rest of the groups don’t know about yet, and it all takes place as the numbers in town diminish, possibly leaving Rick vulnerable to a hostile takeover by Dwight. We’re getting closer and closer to meeting the mysterious Stephanie who is based out of Ohio, a pretty good ride from where Rick and company are currently located. We still don’t know if she is friend or foe, but if you’ve seen the advance cover for Issue #171: Fear the Princess, that could possibly be her.

This was a well written issue once again, giving readers a little more time to decompress after Andrea’s death, while at the same time getting us ready for what could possibly be the next big threat to the group. Only time will tell, but with Kirkman, expect anything!

The next issue of The Walking Dead, #170: On the Road hits comic book stores on August 2, 2017 followed by Issue #171: Fear the Princess on September 6, 2017.

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