The Walking Dead Issue #170 Recap and Review

The Walking Dead Issue #170: On The Road Recap and Review

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It’s the beginning of August dear readers, and once again we have the latest issue of The Walking Dead in our claws to get excited about! So after sending Negan packing, and Michonne out to meet the mysterious Stephanie, what does this issue have in store for us? As always READER BEWARE!!! SPOILERS AHEAD for Issue #170, so let’s get On The Road with our recap.

This issue starts with Michonne, Eugene and several others on the way to meet Stephanie, whom Eugene has been in contact with over the radio. Back at Alexandria, Rick discusses Dwight with Jesus, asking him to keep an eye on him after the threats he made last issue. Jesus asks if Rick really thinks he’s that dangerous and Rick responds that he doesn’t want to believe it.
We next see Maggie, Brianna and several others heading back to Hilltop. Brianna tries talking to Maggie, but she seems lost in her own little world. When Brianna asks her what is wrong Maggie says, “It’s nothing.”

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Out on his own now, we catch up with Negan who is seen killing walkers as they try to attack him. He has his usual over the top way of speaking, and in a rather humorous line he says as he walks away from the zombies he killed, “Gotta save this stuff for when people are around…”

Back at Dwight’s place, he puts eye drops into the eye on the burnt side of his face as Laura sits next to him. She tells him that he shouldn’t have threatened Rick. Dwight says that he shouldn’t have stopped with the threats, and goes on to say he thinks that Rick and Negan are basically the same.

Rick goes to see Mikey who just lost his mother, and lets him know that he and the community are there for him. He kneels down and gives Mikey a hug to comfort him.

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Michonne meets up with a Kingdomer, who says that it’s been quiet, and Michonne lets him know they are heading out of the safe zone. She asks how it Is beyond, and he replies that he’s only been a mile or so out and that it was quiet.

Still heading to Hilltop, Maggie and her group run into William who has found a bunch of supplies and building materials. Maggie asks how he found it all so fast, and William explains that the Kingdom had been planning an expansion and gathering materials for the past year. He offers the materials to Maggie saying they need it more than the Kingdom.

Negan continues on his way alone, being shadowed by the spy Rick sent out to follow him. He arrives at the grave he dug for the shattered Lucille. Negan kneels in front of the grave and says that she was all he had.

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After setting up camp for the night, Eugene walks over to Siddiq who is keeping watch and asks if he wants him to take over. Siddiq says he’s good, and Eugene goes off to urinate. As he gets a little away from the camp, Eugene hears a scream and rushes back to see Siddiq being attacked by walkers. He and the others jump into action, stopping the attack and saving Siddiq. Eugene says they need to move, not knowing what the noise might bring out.

Back at Alexandria, Jesus talks with his boyfriend and as the two do, Jesus says that he’s in love with him.
Michonne’s group makes their way into Pittsburgh, and as they ride through, they come to the realization that the entire city is abandoned. As they make shelter for the night, Eugene and Siddiq talk. Eugene says that Siddiq has been acting strange for days, and when he presses him for an answer, Siddiq says that Rosita loved him, which angers Eugene.

So there’s your recap of Issue #170. I consider this issue to be more of a filler, setting up a few things to come down the road. We know Eugene was in love with Rosita, so it will be interesting to see this turn of events, as well as why Pittsburgh is abandoned or supposedly abandoned, and what will happen between Rick and Dwight. Next issue it seems we will meet Stephanie whom Eugene had been in communication with over the radio, as the group heads towards Ohio.

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The Walking Dead Issue #171: Fear the Princess hits stores on September 6th, 2017



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