Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Leader of the Saviors

jeffrey dean morganWhere Else Have I Seen Them?


We’re going to start off with the guy we all love and hate at the same time, Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So we all know him as Negan on The Walking Dead, however, Jeffrey has had a storied career so far spanning both television and movies. I know Jen can attest to his time on Supernatural, but where else might you have seen him, and said to yourself, “He’s in this? I didn’t even know that!” His career goes back to 1991, but here are some of the more popular shows and movies we’ve seen him in:


2007: Fred Claus
I happened to catch this one last night and jumped up when I saw him getting a parking ticket from Rachel Weisz.
2009: Watchmen
The Comedian. This is one of the bigger movie roles he’s played and a fantastic casting choice.
2010: The Losers & Jonah Hex
Another two comic book properties in which he appears.
2016: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice
He’s Bruce Wayne’s dad!


On television, Jeffrey’s done a lot of guest star work including shows such as: JAG, Sliders, Walker: Texas Ranger, Angel, CSI, Star Trek: Enterprise, Tru Calling, Monk, The O.C., Weeds, and Shameless.
The bulk of his career, however, stems from these shows:
1996-1997: The Burning Zone
2005-2007: Supernatural
2006-2009: Grey’s Anatomy
2012-2013: Magic City
2015: Extant
2015-2016: The Good Wife


And there you have a little taste of where you may have seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There are other movies and TV shows he’s appeared in, just be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Be sure to let us know your favorite Jeffrey Dean Morgan moments here! You can follow Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Twitter here.

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