Lauren Cohan Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale with Harper’s Bazaar

Lauren Cohan

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Lauren Cohan Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale with Harper’s Bazaar


Lauren Cohan

Lauren as Bela Talbot on Supernatural season 3.

Best known for playing Hershel’s daughter Maggie on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ I first saw Lauren Cohan mixing it up with the Winchester brothers on ‘Supernatural’ as the beautiful but cursed Bela Talbot. Even back then you couldn’t deny her beauty and talent. When she was killed off, I was bummed even though we weren’t supposed to like Bela. But I just knew we’d see more of her.


And boy did we! For seven seasons Lauren has given us the warm fuzzies with her portrayal of Maggie Greene – wife of Glenn, sister of Beth, and all around badass soon to be the leader of the Hilltop. Maggie has arguably had one of the more tragic storylines among the survivors as she has lost her home, her father, her sister and now, her husband. Yet, she continues to stand tall, ready to fight.


I can’t think of anyone else that could bring Maggie to life with such a passion as Lauren Cohan does. Her comic book counterpart is easily one of my favorite characters, so it was no surprise to me that having Lauren take on the role of Maggie Greene worked so perfectly. She has the beauty and grace of a southern belle, yet still brings that fierce, protective trait that Maggie oozes on the pages of the books.

So, if you love Lauren as much as we do, check out a snippet of her interview below, and be sure to check out the entire article linked below.

Lauren Cohan’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Interview


Lauren Cohan

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On if she sees the women of The Walking Dead as feminist characters:
“I do consider our female characters—and most of our men—to be feminist,” says Cohan. “The qualifications to survive the apocalypse, physically and emotionally, are demanding and naturally equalizing: knowing poisonous berries from non-poisonous berries, being able to jump start a car, keeping your cool under pressure, having the Spidey-sense to stab a zombie in the brain just in time.”

“Our characters are defined by their merits, not their gender. It makes me proud when mothers tell us that their daughters look up to the women on our show.”


On what the female characters on the show have in common:
“These women are smart not to flaunt their strengths right away. They think, ‘While you were looking in the other direction, we were listening and learning.’ We pay attention and fortify ourselves.”


On the show’s basic tension and what that says about humanity as a whole:
“I look at it all as selflessness versus selfishness. That conflict is representative of the world at any time. We’re always grasping to feel safe. Ultimately, some people feel safe through love or family or community. Some people through exerting control. Some people don’t operate in that way; they can’t understand how much strength comes from being compassionate and lifting other people up.”


On “death dinners” – the cast’s traditional send-off to their fallen:
“It’s funny when I stop to think about calling them death dinners. It’s such a frequent part of our lingo that I forget how absurd it is, like spying on your own funeral. We’ve had some of our best nights together at them. There’s always a lot of tears, but we also have bonfires and play games and get to tell the family member leaving how much we love them—and, you know, completely embarrass them.”


On season seven’s finale episode:
“You’re certainly in for a lot of emotion. [It’s] incredibly bittersweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking.”


You can find the entire interview with Lauren over on the Harper’s Bazaar website, including more of her beautiful photos! Catch her on this week’s season finale of The Walking Dead at 9/8C on AMC.

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