Laurie Holden as Andrea Harrison

Where Else Have I Seen Them?


It’s time to give the women of The Walking Dead their due. My first choice may be, well, controversial to say the least, but love her or hate her, Ms. Laurie Holden’s Andrea managed to survive 31 episodes before suffering a less than admirable death on the show, especially compared to her comic book counterpart.

Here’s a taste of Laurie’s work:

1989: Physical Evidence
Co-starring opposite Burt Reynolds
2001: The Majestic
She was Jim Carrey’s long lost love.
2005: Fantastic Four
Michael Chiklis’ love interest
2006: Silent Hill
Her character Cybil suffers a brutal death
2007: The Mist
The love it or hate it movie based off of a Stephen King story. Which incidentally features a few Walking Dead alumni including, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey DeMunn and was directed by Frank Darabont. (I liked the ending BTW)
2014: Dumb and Dumber To
Another one with her and Jim Carrey

Laurie’s done a lot of guest work on TV including:
The Martian Chronicles, Father Dowling Mysteries, TekWar, Highlander: The Series, Murder She Wrote, Poltergeist: The Legacy, The Outer Limits, Major Crimes and Chicago Fire.
Her major TV roles besides The Walking Dead include:
The X-Files as Marita Covarrubias
The Magnificent Seven as Mary Travis
The Shield as Olivia Murray
and you can catch her now on The Americans as Renee.


So there you have a little taste of where to find Ms. Laurie Holden. I say if you haven’t seen it, check out The Mist for sure. You may feel very conflicted when the movie ends, but you won’t be disappointed. Plus let us know in the comments where you remember Laurie from! You can follow Laurie Holden on Twitter here.

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  1. She’s on The Americans????? Must be the new series – not seen yet! It’s another great favourite of mine and I haven’t noticed her yet…!! Look forward to it 🙂

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