Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., as Bob Stookey

Where Else Have I Seen Them?

For this installment, we are going to showcase another great actor from The Walking Dead, one who’s character Bob was taken from us much too soon on the show. That’s right, Mr. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.! A wonderful man, who was born in my hometown of New York City, Lawrence has made a mark by mostly playing hoodlums on TV and film. Incidentally, he is sometimes listed as Larry Gilliard in the credits. Here’s some of his better-known work:


1995: Money Train
That’s right, the Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson film where Lawrence is credited as “hood”
1998: The Waterboy
I laughed out loud when I saw him the other night in this goofy Adam Sandler film as Derek Wallace, one of The Waterboy’s teammates.
2002: Gangs of New York
He played Jimmy Spoils in this film.
2004: The Machinist
The wonderful Christian Bale film


Besides The Walking Dead, Lawrence is probably best known for his time on The Wire, but he’s also had a guest starring roles in such shows as:
Homicide: Life on the Street, New York Undercover, CSI: NY, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Numbers, Fear Itself (which was a criminally underrated show), Friday Night Lights, Lie to Me, Southland (which featured another Walking Dead alumni, Michael Cudlitz), Longmire, Graceland, Elementary, The Good Wife, and most recently, The Deuce.

Where else do your remember seeing Lawrence Gilliard Jr.? Let us know in the comments, especially if you have any great convention stories as well! We’d love to hear about them! You can follow Lawrence on Twitter here.

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  1. Glad you mentioned The Wire, one of my all time favourite shows – as soon as I saw Bob, I said, hang on, isn’t that D’Angelo Barksdale??!!

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