Let’s Talk About Fear the Walking Dead 2×05 “Captive”

FTWD promo Alicia

Let’s Talk About Fear the Walking Dead 2×05 “Captive””


When we left off in episode 2×04 “Blood in the Streets,” Madison was rescuing a hypothermic Strand from the ocean whom she had found while on a mission to rescue Alicia and Travis who were kidnapped by Connor.  Nick and Luis had come at just the right time, guns a-blazing, helping take out Reed and the other guards, saving our FTWD family on board the Abigail.  Speaking of the Abigail…


Strand and Abigail




Who knew the above beautiful yacht Abigail is actually named after the below handsome William Abigail?  In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”




Photo Source: AMC


The Abigail crew readies for a rescue. 


Source: AMC
While Alicia and Travis are bring held captive, the FTWD crew on the Abigail readies and arms themselves to go find and rescue the pair.  I’m liking and admiring Nick more and more; he’s really stepping up his game. Some seem to mistrust, if not downright despise, Strand, but I think the guy is actually trying to help everyone. Give him a break, people!


Questions we hope will be answered in FTWD “Captive”


Where are Alicia and Travis being held and why?  Whatever does Connor want with them?  Who is the mysterious, but familiar to Travis, face that shows up?  Do the Abigail crew find and rescue them? Or does Alicia break them out?


Mama Bear Madison is baring her claws at Strand!



Source: AMC


Madison is in full blown Mama Bear protecting her cub mode with Strand. She is very protective of the ones she loves and I have to admire her for that, if nothing else. She can be a bit bossy and abrasive at times but I believe she would die trying to save any of her loved ones. A great tribute to her on an episode which airs on Mother’s Day.


Tune in Sunday night to Fear the Walking Dead on AMC at 9/8C and find out if our Abigail crew rescues Alicia and Travis, and maybe more answers to other questions.


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