Let’s Talks About Chris on Fear the Walking Dead


 When I met Lorenzo Henrie at WSC Nashville this past April, he told me to blog about him. I said I’d try and haven’t forgotten.

After the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead “Do Not Disturb,” I’m ready to keep my promise.


Me with Lorenzo

I liked the first two episodes of the bottom half of Season 2, but not as much as I had been enjoying the first half of the season. I realized why during this week’s–the first two were missing Chris.

By far, Chris’ character has had the biggest transformation since the start of the show. While he showed fearlessness early on by defending Alicia in the garage and the tendency to be headstrong when he went exploring during the riot rather than coming home, Chris has morphed into something much darker than I ever expected

Losing his mother impacted him profoundly. While he seems to use survival as an excuse, it’s clear that he’s drawn to violence. We saw it back on the downed plane when he was enjoying killing the walkers. I had thought briefly that killing the survivor might make him swing back, but it only seemed to hasten his downward spiral.

This week, it all came to a head with him shooting the owner of the farm, doing what the men older than him didn’t dare.


And while Chris seems to retreat further and further into the shadows with each passing episode, Travis remains with his feet firmly planted in the light. He outstretches his fingers to try and pull his son back, but Chris slips free again and again.

Travis said that he didn’t want Chris to become a part of the world of the dead. Up until this point, he has continued to hold onto the hope that he can do something for his son, get him to change. In this way, he is not unlike Madison, who tried desperately to keep Nick on the straight and narrow only to lose him again and again to addiction.

Strand told Madison that maybe she held on too tightly and only made things worse. Is that the case with Travis, too?


How far will Travis go to try and drag Chris back into the light, out of the dark world of the dead and back to the young man that he wants him to be? Or is this the point where Travis will back away or maybe start to creep into the darkness himself and abandon all hope?

Is there even a hope of redeeming Chris? Or is he too far gone and, like the walkers, is something that is best not to be disturbed?

“Do Not Disturb” raised these questions for me and with Lorenzo’s powerful portrayal of the character firmly put Chris at the top of my list of the most compelling characters, not just on Fear the Walking Dead, but on TV right now.

What do you think of Chris? I want to know! Hit me up on Twitter and tell me.

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  1. Chris is acting like a Carl. You do not know everything. And you are disrespecting your father.

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