The Walking Dead: March to War Update – Council Member System

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: March to War Update – Council Member System

Disruptor Beam has been hard at work on The Walking Dead: March to War mobile game that will release sometime this summer, and we now know more about it, thanks to Lead Designer Michael Leoncavallo who did a Q&A session on Disruptor Beam’s blog. Specifically, he talks about the council system, and how it impacts gameplay.

First, though, we got a look at three new members of the council system: Michonne, Andrea, and Negan.

The Walking Dead

The artwork of the council members is pretty stellar, but artwork alone does make a game. So let’s see how the council system affects gameplay. According to Michael:

The council system is Disruptor Beam’s way of getting characters from the comics into the game. It is basically the main focus of the game, and so central to it, that your survivors cannot be sent out into the world to gather or fight without the guidance of a council member. So, your survivors need the expertise of a council member to get things done in the game.

They’ve even come up with a pretty clever way of recruiting council members, one that will definitely appeal to the readers of the comic. When you recruit survivors, you use the broadcast tower in the game, which sounds similar to what is being used in Road to Survival. However, recruiting council members is not that easy. To recruit a council member, you need to go out into the game world and locate comic covers related to the character. So, if you want to collect Andrea, you need to find the covers related to her. Once you have enough of them, you unlock the character.

Council members are the leaders of your party, and who you choose will determine what your group is good at due to the fact that each council member specializes at specific tasks. As the game progresses, council members can level up, and unlock new talents and bonuses that will help out. Each council member also has a leadership value that is important in combat, as it could be the deciding factor in who wins a battle.

Both survivors and council members have talents, but council members also have unique talents that reflect the character’s personality. For example, Negan’s talents include “Batter Up” and “Half Their Stuff.” These talents increase the attack of all survivors Negan leads, along with increasing the amount of resources they can take when attacking other players. Certain council members abilities are also stronger or weaker against other council members when scavenging or fighting against other players.

As of now, the game is launching with 12 council members, 11 from the comic books and 1 new original character that was created by Disruptor Beam. I’m sure that as the game progresses more and more council members will be added, so if your favorite character is not included yet, it may be some time in the future.

I for one am definitely looking forward to this game from everything that I’ve seen and heard about it so far. Be sure to sign up at for updates and a free captive walker in-game at launch.

You can find the entire interview here.

The Walking Dead: March to War will be available for play later this year.

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