Moving On

As everyone begins their nightly shifts, it has been eerily quiet. No sign of Negan or the Saviors for a while now. From a distance, we see Rick and Michonne teaching Judith and a few other children self defense techniques with staffs.

Rosita and Tara are moving large crates into a storage area; we can see that they are full of ammo.  Eugene, who is at the bullet press has been busy. There are numerous full crates around him waiting to be picked up by Rosita and Tara. It’s safer to move at night, in case someone is watching.

Aaron sits, on guard duty, at the edge of the forest, seemingly alone, but then he finishes his sentence.  He’s talking to someone.  It’s Jesus.  They’re talking about Eric.

Aaron says, “I know he’d be okay with us. He’d want me to be happy.”

Jesus wipes a tear from Aaron’s cheek, smiles, and kisses him sweetly on the lips.  Maggie and Eduardo are sitting on the porch chatting. Maggie is great with child.  Eduardo has been helping her get through her pregnancy without Glenn. Enid brings drinks out for everyone. 

Dwight, Daryl, and Carol are loading supplies onto a truck. They take jabs at each other about who works harder and whose muscles are bigger, laughing as they walk away from the truck. From out of nowhere, there is an explosion by the supply truck. We see three bodies fly into the air. Michonne takes the children to the safe room in the house.

She tells Judith to stay there, and much like Rick with Sophia, “I’ll come back for you.”  As Rick gets to the explosion site, it’s completely silent. By the light of the fire, and in slow motion, he looks around. We see a man’s legs and blondish, bloodied hair. Dwight or Daryl? Where’s Carol? We see everyone’s reactions, still no sound.

Rick [silently] screams, “Noooo!”

In slow motion and in 1st person view, someone from ground zero is looking around.

We see Dwight lying on the ground, facing away from us.  He screams and starts to get up.  We now know we are seeing Daryl’s point of view. We’ve found Carol lying face down in the dirt.  Daryl runs to Carol, kneels beside her, and rolls her over, putting her head in his lap. She’s bleeding from a head wound.  He puts his hand over her wound to stop the bleeding.

Flashback to an earlier conversation between Daryl and Carol….

Daryl: “Naw.”

Carol: “No one?”

Daryl: “Never.”

Carol: “So, you’ve never been in love; ever have feelings for anyone?”

Daryl: *smirks and laughs under his breath*

 “I haven’t had time to think about that, too busy staying alive.”

Return to present time….

Dwight removes his shirt to use as a bandage for Carol’s wound. Carol’s head is now raised up to Daryl’s chest. Daryl is crying and rubs her cheek. Daryl: *sobbing*   “I do, I do. Please stay with me. I need you.” *kisses her chastely on the lips*

Siddiq arrives and assesses the situation. He gives Rick an ominous look.

Rick runs to Daryl’s side, bends down and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Daryl doesn’t acknowledge him.

Rick: *pats Daryl’s shoulder*  “Hey.”

Daryl: *looks up at Rick*

Rick: “It’s time, Brother. I’ll be gentle.”   *removes Daryl’s hand from Carol’s face*

Daryl: “Don’t you touch her!  She’s gonna make it. She’s a survivor! Look at all the stuff she’s been through! She saved us so many times! Hell, she’s stronger than any of us. I’m not giving up on her!” *rests his head on her chest and cries*

We see Carol weakly raise her hand towards Daryl’s head. Her eyes open.

*Rick draws his gun*

*Daryl lifts his head to look at Carol’s face*

Carol’s voice weakly croaks, “Hi.”

Weeks following the explosion, normal everyday life has returned. The recent threat with the Saviors has been neutralized for now. Night shifts have resumed. Carol’s head wound has healed, as it was only superficial.

After finishing guard duty, Dwight, Daryl, and Carol walk back to the house where they eat their meals in silence. We catch a few glances between Daryl and Carol.

Carol goes off to take a shower. Daryl goes in another direction. After her shower, Carol, makes her way across the house and walks into a bedroom. The bathroom door opens, and Daryl steps out wearing a towel, water glistening off his chest and shoulders.

Carol: *gasps, mouth open*

Daryl: *smiles*

Carol: “I, uh, I just stopped by to say thanks….for your help today.”

Daryl: “Ya know, at first, those cold showers were excruciating, but now they’re a blessing.”

Carol: “Tell me about it.”  *both laugh and step closer to each other*

Carol: *lowers voice*   “If I had known then what I know now, when packing for the end of the world, I’d’ve brought more batteries.”

Daryl: *smirks and snorts, steps closer to Carol*

Carol: *looking up at Daryl, in a hushed tone*  “I think we’ve wasted enough time, don’t you?”

Daryl: *whispers*    “Yeah.”    *slowly moves in for kiss, unsure of himself, slowly touches her cheek,  and slowly moves in for a lips-only kiss, both slowly pull away, and search each other’s eyes*    *A wild, passionate kiss ensues, and Daryl walks Carol backwards, stopping as her back is against the wall, then pulls Carol’s shirt over her head, and lifts her*


In the main room, Maggie, Rick, and Michonne are discussing the crop yield, and important items to look for on the next supply run. Conversation is interrupted by a loud crash.  They run towards the noise, weapons ready,

Michonne stands guard at the entrance to the hallway.

*Daryl leans his forehead against Carol’s as they catch their breath*

Rick kicks the door open, then he and Maggie burst into the room.

Michonne: *screams*    “Rick!”   *no answer*

*Rick and Maggie stand shocked and amused in the doorway*

Rick:  “We, uh, h-heard a noise.”  * barely able to finish his sentence without laughing and glances at a broken vase on the floor*

Carol:  *jokingly*   “Us, too.”

Daryl:  *chuckles*

Maggie: *laughs*

Michonne: *runs to the action*

*Rick and Maggie leave and close the door*

Michonne: “What’s going on?”

Rick: “Nothing, unless you want to see Daryl’s ass.”  *laughs*

*Michonne raises an eyebrow and cocks her head, not understanding.*

*Rick raises an eyebrow as if to say, “Really?”     *Rick and Maggie laugh*


The Walking Dead reminds us that whatever we're fighting, we must keep fighting to survive. "Opting Out" is not an option.

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