My Thoughts on The Walking Dead S7Ep9 Rock in the Road

Rick & Group at the KingdomMy Thoughts on The Walking Dead S7Ep9 Rock in the Road

Wow! I loved it! Just the above picture of our survivors at the Kingdom with Jesus (Paul), walking along with Richard, evokes warm, fuzzy feelings. Remember this?

ArmageddonSource:  Quotesgram

Yeah, I got that same feeling when Harry Stamper and his crew came marching out to go save the world in the movie Armageddon. Rick and his crew are ready to march out and save their world! And I loved the old story Rick told King Ezekiel of the rock in the road. Ezekiel looks like he’s from a storybook himself so he should have felt a kindred spirit to the story.

They’re Baaccckkkk!

Simon at AlexandriaSource:  AMC

Seriously, Simon, I know you all call yourselves Negan but you’re beginning to have the same mannerisms. Just look at that little lean backwards with the smirky look on your face. All the food and supplies are gone; presumably Father Gabriel took off with them. Doesn’t matter; Simon wasn’t there for supplies; he was there for Daryl, who was nowhere to be found, thankfully. Unfortunately, Negan has pronounced a death sentence on Daryl’s head if he is ever found, no matter when or where, no statute of limitations. Hide, Daryl, hide!

Speaking of Father Gabriel

Gabriel in CarSource:

Now what is going on with Father Gabriel? Why did he take all the food and supplies? Where is he going? And WHO is that in the car with him? Gabe, don’t get freaky on us again; you were just beginning to get likable.

The Survivors Meet King Ezekiel and Shiva

SurvivorsmeetShivaSource:  AMC

Uh, pardon me, Dude, but do you know you have a rather large tiger at your feet? I loved the look on all our group’s faces when they met King Ezekiel and Shiva. They all had this stunned, but wary, look of “What the Hell!” Not only are they meeting someone who could have stepped out of some medieval story with his faithful sidekick and guard, Jerry, by his side, there is a TIGER lying there. Rick, diplomat that he is, took it all in stride and carried on as if all the pageantry was completely normal. As with Gregory at the Hilltop (who we all know is a giant coward which we love to hate), King Ezekiel turned down Rick’s request for help in fighting the Saviors. King Ezekiel didn’t do it out of fear and cowardice like Gregory; he did it out of love and concern for the people he is entrusted to protect.

You’re Leaving Me Again?

RickleavesDarylbehindSource:  AMC

Rick had to leave Daryl behind at the Kingdom for his own safety and protection. Remember, Negan is hunting him. Also, Rick encouraged Daryl to try to reason with King Ezekiel so he and his people would also fight the Saviors with them. Or, alternatively,  just “stare him into submission.” I believe you could have heard “I volunteer to be stared into submission!” shouted from every Daryl fangirl all the way to the moon!

The Most Unforgettable Scene

This epic walker kill scene will be talked about forever! The last time I remember something so extraordinary was Daryl’s three-at-one-time walker beheading with a chain.

Who Are You People?

SurvivorssurroundedSource:  AMC

Uh oh! What now? Who are all these people and where did they come from? What do they want? Are they friend or foe? See the lone figure with his face covered with a kerchief? Hmm, wonder if it is someone we know, a blast from the past? I’ve got several guesses rolling around in my head but I could be wrong about all of them. You think Rick knows? Maybe. Look at this smile:

RicksmilingSource:  AMC

He certainly seems happy about something! Or else he’s gone completely inShane now! Do you think he recognizes the masked man? Or is he just happy to see the great throng of people, potential warriors?

Hopefully, we’ll get answers to at least some of our questions this Sunday night on AMC at 9/8C when The Walking Dead returns with S7Ep10 New Best Friends. Watch it with me and tell me what you think @sassypoo on Twitter.


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