Need a Break From Glenn? Let’s Talk Mirror Symbols in TWD603


Need a Break From Glenn? Let’s Talk Mirror Symbols in TWD603

Bicycle Girl examines mirrors and reflections in Episode 603 of the Walking Dead

If I had working tear ducts, Bicycle Girl would have cried during Sunday night’s The Walking Dead episode 603 Thank You. I already shared my thoughts about whether or not Glenn is dead, and I know everyone else has been, too.


I for one need a mental break from worrying about what will happen to Mr. Rhee. In fact, I think we could all use…a little kitten therapy. So here goes…







Awwwwwwwwww. Hope that helped a little bit! If not, maybe a discussion about something I noticed during TWD 603 will help take your mind off of it!


If the title wasn’t enough of a hint then maybe my three kitten friends tipped you off–I want to talk about mirrors and reflections in this past week’s Walking Dead.


They turned up physically and figuratively in the experiences of five characters. Let’s take a look at each.


Mirrors and Reflections in Thank You TWD Episode 603

1. Heath and the Reflection in the Water


Heath’s got some trust issues, and a few sideways comments and cold stares in Michonne’s direction earned him a piece of her mind. When she pointed out that Heath didn’t know how the world was now, he insisted that he did. This shows that up until this episode, he viewed himself as being well aware of the dangers and risks outside of the walls of the safe zone.


During their tense whispered exchange, Michonne asked him,



Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, or walkers’, or your friends’?



Her question earned her no reply.


At the end of the episode, Heath was clearly confronted by the words a second time. As they crossed the water, he looked down spying his reflection in the water. You could almost see him wondering just whose blood was there. The walkers? His own? Scott’s? David’s?


After seeing his mirror image and reflecting on Michonne’s words, Heath must now reevaluate what he knows about surviving. What remains to be seen is whether this will shake him up and convince him that he does have more to learn or whether he’ll insist that he has it all under control the way that Aiden and Nick initially did


2. Michonne and David as a Mirror




In episode 603, David served as a mirror for Michonne. He described his experiences before meeting Betsy, saying,



I was alone, lost everything, everyone, by myself, I wasn’t crazy I just gave up on being someone, an actual person.


Each word pulls Michonne in more as she sees herself in David, recalling how she was before she found her place in the group.


As he describes how Betsy redeemed him, she reflects on how Andrea, Rick and the others all brought her back. You can see her resolve to get him home to say goodbye to his wife become etched in stone as determination overtakes her expression.


Sadly, she is unable to keep the promise that she later scrawled on her arm. I think as she stood there watching David be eaten by the walkers, she saw herself again, which was why she didn’t do anything to stop his suffering.


Seeing her mirror destroyed before her, she was powerless to do anything but watch in horror as David suffered a slow, painful death.


3. Nicholas and His Walker Mirrors




As Nicholas tried to lead the others through the town, he came face to face with the evidence of what his cowardice had done to others. When he saw his former neighbors at Alexandria turned, he wasn’t looking into the faces of walkers. What he saw was a reflection of himself, of the true person that he was, and the truth hurt so deeply that he literally became immobilized, unable to go forward.


Glenn absolved him of his past guilt. But after he told Nicholas that he was no longer that man he kept seeing reflected back at him in the town, the mentally besieged man ultimately reacted by thanking Glenn and then taking his own life. There is now a chance that what he did in reaction to his reflection has killed not just Nicholas, but also Glenn.


4. Daryl and the Rear View




Early in the episode, Daryl was torn between completing the mission and going back to protect Alexandria, the town that has come to matter a good deal to him. You can see him looking in the mirror on his bike at the walkers and at the battered billboard for Alexandria, trying to decide what to do. He ends up telling Abraham and Sasha that he has faith in them and turns off to head home.


Later, Rick’s words cause him to reflect on his decision. By saying that returning home would be for them and not for the people of Alexandria over the radio, Rick held up a proverbial mirror that sent Daryl back on course. It doesn’t seem that his decision to stray cost the group anything in the present, but could it hurt his relationship with the others later?


5. Rick and the Side Mirror



After killing two of the Wolves that Morgan let leave Alexandria, Rick discovered a jar of applesauce among their things. As Aaron had explained to him that the town makes their own applesauce back in The Distance (Episode 511), he knew the Wolves had been to Alexandria.


Angry and no doubt scared for his children and the other members of the group, Rick sprung into action as soon as he saw the reflection of the other Wolves in the RV’s side mirror. Without hesitation, he shot through the side of the vehicle.


Unfortunately, the move seems to have now left the RV disabled with part of the herd getting dangerously close.


Reflecting on the Messages of TWD Episode 603


So what’s Bicycle Girl’s final takeaway from all of this–

The things that are shown to us in the mirror can cause pain


whether it’s the horror of the reality of who we really are


the anguish of  past mistakes


or an actual threat of harm in living or undead form


And ultimately, the things that those reflections cause us to do–


whether that’s standing by while someone suffers


taking our own lives


or acting out of fear and anger–


 make us risk hurting ourselves and people around us even more.


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