New Key Art Released for The Walking Dead Season 7 Prior to SDCC

promo=darylNew Key Art Released for The Walking Dead Season 7 Prior to SDCC

Ah, it is the time of The Walking Dead hiatus where we nerdy types start stalking the internet for anything related to our show; most importantly, the comic con trailer. With that still a couple days away, AMC released some new key art banners for season 7 and I have to tell you, they are chilling.

The perpetual “who did Negan kill’ debate continues on with this pictures, but to be perfectly honest, I am more excited to see where Carol and Morgan are headed. I sure hope that AMC will release some new art soon showing their arrival to The Kingdom (at least comic readers assume that is where they are headed). If that is the case, then there are good things on the horizon, which I think we will desperately need – especially after finding out who intimately meets Lucille in the premiere.

Take a scroll through the new banners, and mark your calendar for Friday and the much-anticipated release of The Walking Dead season 7 comic con trailer!


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New Banner Art for TWD Season 7



All Photos courtesy of AMC

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon promo-aaron promo-abe promo-carl promo-eugene promo-glenn promo-maggie promo-michonne Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) promo-rosita


So, has your decision changed? Do you still think Negan killed Glenn? Or Daryl? Or, maybe Abe? Regardless of whom, it’s going to be brutal. The Walking dead returns in October of 2016.

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