New Sneak Peek Trailer Is an Ominous Sign for Daryl Dixon’s Fate

TWD Season 7 - Dwight & DarylNew Sneak Peek Trailer Is an Ominous Sign for Daryl Dixon’s Fate


Being a fan of The Walking Dead, there are times that I tend to live in denial. For a good week after Hershel died, I just told myself it was all a bad dream; that I would wake up and Hershel would be out farming with Rick. Obviously not the case.

Here we are again, faced with an impossible situation where we know that we are going to lose someone. I don’t ever want to believe that Daryl’s ticket is going to be punched. He will never die. (Hello, denial!) However, it is getting a little harder to keep trying to convince myself that he will get his bike and crossbow back and ride off into the sunset in one piece; especially after the most recently released sneak peek.


The Walking Dead Preview Special Airs Sneak Peek

Chris Hardwick aired this on The Walking Dead/Talking Dead preview special after the season 6 marathon concluded on AMC. The hour long special included Austin Amelio and Yvette Nicole Brown, and some pre-recorded interviews with Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lennie James and Chandler Riggs.

The video doesn’t really bode well for Daryl’s future, given the fact that Dwight is wearing his vest. Dwight already had his bike, his crossbow, and now his wings? No, no… sorry. That just ain’t right. Are they showing us this to sway the death debate away from Glenn? Maybe, Daryl isn’t dead at all. Maybe, Dwight just decided that he wanted the vest too.

I’m going with the latter. I want to live in this place of denial just a bit longer.


The Walking Dead Season 7 SDCC Trailer


October is still a good ways away, so until then I am going to tell myself that this sneak peek is clearly a misdirection. They want us to fear for everyone. Especially those we fear losing the most. I will stick my head in the sand until October rolls around and the fateful day comes, and continue to believe that this is all a rouse.

It’s not like they don’t have a history – Dwight and his girlfriend took Daryl’s bike and crossbow. Maybe Dwight just wants to complete his Daryl Dixon cosplay and insisted on taking the vest too. Not cool, Dwight. Not cool.

Daryl will get his vest back because, duh, he’s alive. Glenn will see his baby born, and Abraham will get to pour the Bisquick with Sasha. Sound good? Great. Who wants to come visit Camp Denial with me?


What do you think the significance of Dwight wearing Daryl’s wings is? Do you think this is proof of Daryl’s death?




The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on Sunday, October 23rd at 9 pm EST on AMC.

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