Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, Leader of the Scavengers

Where Else Have I Seen Them?

You know her as the leader of The Scavengers, Jadis herself, Ms. Pollyanna McIntosh. Born in Scotland, Pollyanna has been working since she was sixteen in London’s independent theater circuit, and when she’s not modeling, you can catch her in these movies and TV shows:


2005: Headspace
Her first film role
2009: Exam
She was nominated for a BAFTA award
2009: Land of the Lost
The Will Ferrell reboot
2011: The Woman
Nominated for Best Actress at Fangoria’s Chainsaw Awards
2014: Let Us Prey
As PC. Rachel Heggie


Besides The Walking Dead, Pollyanna has done guest roles on a few shows such as Taggart, Dani’s House, Book Club, Waterloo Road, and Casualty.
She’s also had recurring roles on:
2013: Bob Servant Independent
2013: M.I. High
2016: Hap and Leonard


Most of her work is in British film and TV, but she’s certainly made her mark on Walking Dead fans. Love her? Hate her? Tell us your impressions of Pollyanna and if you’ve seen her elsewhere! You can follow Pollyanna on Twitter here.

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