Review: “GUTS” Is an Essential Tool for Any Survivor of ‘The Walking Dead’ Fandom

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Review: “GUTS” Is an Essential Tool for Any Survivor of ‘The Walking Dead’ Fandom


If you have ever fallen the rabbit hole of a television show with a fandom attached, I am sure you’ve come across that core set of fans that can tell you every little piece of information about every episodes and character. In Guts, author Paul Vigna was able to capture all that Intel, including some very in-depth analysis of not only the episodes themselves, but from the major characters down to the minor ones, and even addressing items included as set dressing.

As the resident The Walking Dead columnist at The Wall Street Journal, Paul took his love of the show and poured it into an essential guide for any fan. The book recaps seasons one through seven, so if spoilers are a problem, I would say get yourself to Netflix and binge fast. However, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have this guide next to you as you do.

Beyond the recaps though, Paul offers you some history on the cinematography of zombies since Night of the Living Dead right on through to The Walking Dead. In some spots written like an academic dissertation, you can’t help but dive right in alongside Paul as he brings forth some really compelling comparisons of the show to classic works of fiction.

In one of my favorite passages, Paul writes:

The Odyssey is such a masterful piece of storytelling that it has basically become the template for every story that has followed it. When Star Wars became a massive global phenomenon in 1977, it received intellectual support for its shoot-’em,-story because it was seen as re-creating the so-called “hero’s journey.” And fans (and franchises) love heroes. The Walking Dead provides a different take on the hero’s journey. The characters who inhabit this world are not looking for a kingdom or adventure or a gallant fight; they are merely trying to survive and searching for some excuse to go on; invariably, they end up finding it in each other.


‘Guts’ is full of wonderful passages like this and a really deep analysis of the show and those who live in its world. After the recaps, Paul continues to expand the world of The Walking Dead by offering his observations of the fans and actors at conventions, as well as the pros and cons of the notable weapons used by the survivors on the show.



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Guts‘ is available in bookstores now! Be sure to follow author Paul Vigna on twitter and catch his recaps in the Wall Street Journal once the show returns on Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

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