Spies! Spies! Spies! We Need Spies!


No battle effort can be successful without the contributions of people who lurk in the dark, pretend to be who they aren’t, and supply intel. Some members of our valiant Alexandria crew definitely wouldn’t be the best choices for this role; Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, and Sasha are too firmly in leader or warrior roles to be used as spies. So who in our valiant crew could make effective undercover agents?




Eugene is in a horrible situation right now, trapped in the Savior compound and forced to make ammunition for Negan. But our favorite former cowardly lion is also in a position to take lemons and make easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy lemonade. He’s in the enemy’s den, and if anyone could figure out a way to get info out to his compatriots, it would be Eugene. He is, as he has told us, smarter than most people. He could tell the Saviors that he has to go out and forage for certain kinds of materials, then leave a message in a tree stump. Or he could tuck a note underneath a truck that he knows will be going to Alexandria. We also know that Eugene has been a very convincing liar, so there are great possibilities.

The downside to Eugene as a possibility is that his game face falls apart when he is truly scared. If he is too terrified in Negan’s clutches, he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.
Eugene has met his crucible moment. If he can rise up to the moment, he could leave his cowardice even further behind. It would be great to see, and it would do Abraham proud.




In the previews for episode 711, Dwight looks pretty freaked out by Daryl’s escape, and he knows that this is not good for him. Not good for him at all. I still have hope for Dwight, because he started out as a truly decent person. He is cooperating with Negan, to a large extent, to save Honey. Daryl saw that, too. So he could escape, find Alexandria, and prove himself by providing them with all sorts of information about the Savior compound, the layout, the structure, the schedule, the supply situation, and Negan’s schedule. He, more than anyone, has the ability to give the Alexandrian’s all the intel they need to know about Negan’s setup.

The challenge for Dwight in this role is that he would never put Honey in danger. It would be very difficult for him to escape, and even more to bring Honey with him. He surely knows that both of their lives are at risk after Daryl’s escape, and the best bet is to go to the other side and get help. Or, maybe he will have a chance to talk with her, and she will tell him to get out and get help from Daryl’s friends. In any case, Honey and her safety would play a crucial role in his decision.

I, personally, think it is still possible for Dwight to redeem himself, and this would be a great way to do it. His love for Honey still shows that there is a decent spark within him. Despite all he has been through, I don’t think he is “too far gone”. We can hope.




Since Abraham’s death (and before), Rosita has been pretty much angry at the world. Certainly understandable in the apocalypse with everything they have all been through. But she wears it on her sleeve, and it has made her impulsive and reckless (a phase that, interestingly, Sasha went through as well). With her current anger so thick, she could go to the Savior compound and tell them, believably, that she is tired of being with a bunch of losers. She could make up some story about wanting to be with a group that is led by someone strong. She would, of course, have to explain the little detail about shooting at Negan, but the Alexandria group could brainstorm for an idea that would work for her.

The challenge for Rosita, and a reason that it might be best just to tell her not to do this is that it is easy to imagine that Negan would ask for her to prove her new loyalty by “marrying” him. Or by doing something horrible to an innocent person. Plus, it would be very difficult to escape again or to get messages out. It looks like Negan’s harem is very securely sequestered. Plus, Rosita is not one to hide any feelings. What she feels, she feels. It’s out there.

This move would be very dangerous and risky for Rosita. But, she has already expressed a willingness to die to defeat Negan. It would be rough, but this could be a way for her to channel that energy.




Enid’s best bet is not to go directly into the Savior compound, but to hide and watch from the shadows the comings and goings of Negan’s people in the area. She is comfortable in the woods, and nobody in Negan’s group knows her. Her energy is more low key, so she could be quiet in the woods and not be noticed. She is also starting to step up a bit, as with bringing out the citizens of the Hilltop who want to fight the Saviors.

Enid hasn’t had much to do so far, other than befriend Maggie and date Carl. I think involving her in this way could be a great move for her.


Those Who Aren’t Known to the Saviors



Again, not to go into the main compound, but to be posted on main highways or other places to spy on the comings and goings of the roaming Saviors. They could pretend to be just alone or in a pair or small groups (they would have to be sure to plan it so they don’t have anything that gives them away, like the car with spikes on it that Carol had), and a believable story in case they are confronted by any Saviors they are trying to watch. But this is possibly one of the best options. They would be the least suspected and could move the most freely. In the Revolutionary war, ordinary housewives who cooked or cleaned for the British officers were used as spies—no one suspected them.


Father Gabriel – Spymaster!


Father Gabriel would be a great person to organize this group. He already demonstrated quick thinking and an ability to stay cool and deceive when he lied to Negan about Maggie having died. Then he saves his group by holding a knife to Tamiel’s throat and offering a deal to Jadis and the Dumpster Divers. Back at Alexandria, what better cover for a spymaster than the local priest? It’s important that the spies not even know each other’s identity, and going to a church in a time of stress, or the priest making house calls or going to another community (neither the Hilltop nor the Kingdom seems to have a spiritual leader) would be natural. This could be a great path for Father Gabriel’s character. And he’s earned it.

The challenge to this plan is that this group probably has the lowest level of skill to survive outside their own compound. That is why nobody on the outside knows them.

This is hardly the end of the possibilities, but it is a start. It’s dangerous work for anyone, and difficult to decide who should do it. But it’s a good bet that Negan will start using spies, and advantage in intel equals advantage on the field. Whatever the choice, I hope we see significant, robust spy work from the Alexandria group. It’s necessary for winning any battle.

Susan Lehman

Susan Lehman is author of the book, Faith Fighting and Forgiving: Life Lessons from The Walking Dead. In her life outside of The Walking Dead fandom, Susan has worked in politics, higher education, on film crews and in real estate. She acted and directed in theatre for several years, and her personal interests include gardening and learning about religion and history. She is a happier putting seeds in the dirt than tweeting, but she is learning—s-l-o-w-l-y—about life on the web. Susan lives in a small town in Pennsylvania. Find Susan on Twitter here.

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