Stay Cheerful, Abe: The Hidden Message in TWD Episode 606


Stay Cheerful, Abe: The Hidden Message in TWD Episode 606

Bicycle Girl thinks about the message on the white board in the room with the walker in Episode 606 of The Walking Dead “Always Accountable”


Hey, hey, Deadheads!

They say in life everything happens for a reason.

Maybe the reason I ended up leg-less in a field was so that Rick could find a sweet bike to go with his hospital gown. Who knows!

One thing I do know is that everything in The Walking Dead happens for a reason, so I’m always on the lookout for those little details while I watch. In Episode 606 Always Accountable, the camera briefly focused on the room where the locked-in walker was banging. Here’s what it showed:


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.28.06 PM


The dry erase board says,


“I pray for the world

Keep going

Stay cheerful

The bites kill”



A bunch of bloody bandages on the table suggest that the walker who got a front row seat to watch Abraham try out his mad pick-up skills (A MAN KNOWS, SASHA!) was bitten, gave himself some first aid and then locked himself in so he wouldn’t hurt anyone. But before he died, he left that message on the board. Words of encouragement and a final warning.

Now, I’m not going to get all DaVinci code on you guys and start drawing diagrams and pictures. I don’t think this board has the answer to what caused the zombie outbreak or that it will tell us if Glenn’s alive, but I did find one line on that board interesting…


“Stay Cheerful.”


Those words make me think of Abraham. Remember this from episode 411 “Claimed”:




After Abraham took down that walker, Tara commented that she never saw anyone smile when they killed one before. And Abraham replied,


“Well, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”


That’s pretty cheerful, I’d say.



In Episode 601 “First Time Again”, even when Abraham was describing how Reg and Pete died with this poetic simile,


“His face just blowing up like Pompeii right when we were cheek to cheek.

I still think I got some of his brains in my ear.”


he was grinning from ear to ear.


Abraham has the ability to be oddly cheerful even when he seems to have no business being that way, but underneath all that, there is something else darker. We saw it on the overpass when he screamed in the walker’s face in Episode 606 and when he was sitting alone drinking after dealing with the bodies of Reg and Pete in Episode 601.



Inside, Abraham is struggling with the loss of his family and the loss of that purpose he had–getting Eugene to Washington to save the world. Even though he still manages to grin during those moments when things look the most grim, has he really stayed cheerful?

Not inside where it really matters.

The message on the board is half right.

The bites kill.

But they’re not the only thing that does.

Sometimes, being the one left living kills a part of you, too.

Still, you keep going with that part missing. You keep going and you survive.

That’s the way the world is in The Walking Dead and no amount of prayers will change it.



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