Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee

Where Else Have I Seen Them?


So today we chose a fan favorite who sadly is no longer with us on the show. I remember reading the fan letters in the back of Issue #100 of The Walking Dead comic, and how outraged he was when he found out his character died in the book. He was born in South Korea as Yeun Sang-yeop, but we know him better as Glenn, Mr. Steven Yeun.
While his biggest role to date was Glenn on the Walking Dead, Steven has had roles in a few movies and tv shows such as:
2009: My Name is Jerry
2014: I Origins
2015: Like a French Film
2017: Mayhem, Okja, The Star
2017/2018: Chew(based off the comic, also starring Felicia Day and David Tennant)
Steven’s had a few guest-starring roles in these tv shows:
2010: The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon’s first roommate who storms out
2011: Law and Order: L.A. and Warehouse 13
2013: The Legend of Korra
2014: Drunk History and American Dad!

He’s also been working as a featured voice performer on two Netflix series:
2016-2017: Voltron: Legendary Defender and Trollhunters

We expect to see more of Steven in the years to come both in movies and on tv. Tell us where you’ve seen Steven, or if you’ve met him at a con! You can follow Steven on Twitter here.

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