The Walking Dead: March to War, A Preview

Coming in the Summer of 2017 from Disruptor Beam and Skybound, the Walking Dead: March to War mobile game will put you into the action as a survivor trying to stay alive as you gather resources, and fellow survivors while battling it out with other players. March to War is a strategy war game with a narrative wrapper which takes place in the world of The Walking Dead. It is a mobile first, free to play, PVP game with console/PC quality graphics. The game will take place in the Washington D.C. area, where you will recruit survivors to help you scavenge resources, complete missions and essentially become your troops as you take on other players on the map.

Disruptor Beam has created an advanced recruitment system, inspired by the way Aaron finds survivors for Alexandria in the graphic novels. Survivors have talents which will specialize them to specific tasks in the game. They will also have stats, such as speed, evasion, attack, defense and scavenge which will help out your team as they go out into the world. They also have what is known as “march speed” which is essentially how fast they can move across the map to engage other players. Your survivors in the game are not generic troops like you would find in traditional mobile war strategy games which lends a new dynamic to the game. Your characters are individuals with specific skills and talents, and in the game, once they are dead, they will not come back, ever. So you will need to think on who to send into battle and who to leave at home.

Survivors can gain talents as they level up throughout the game, in addition to their class and stats. This in turn makes them a more valuable asset for specific missions you will take on throughout the game. Each survivor in the game is in one of four classes, each with their own talents, strengths and weaknesses, so when sending survivors into the battle, you need to strategize on the best team for the mission. As of right now, we know that the game will launch with at least 20 familiar faces, including Rick, Dwight, Jesus, Rosita and King Ezekial. They are considered “council members” and are special survivors or leaders in the game. What they will bring to the table is still under wraps as of now. There will also be landmarks, familiar to Walking Dead fans including Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Sanctuary and The Kingdom which you will have the opportunity to take over and control. Being that the game is set in the Washington D.C. area, there will also be landmarks from that area featured as well.

Disruptor Beam is well known for its mobile games Star Trek: Timelines, and Game of Thrones Ascent and so it seems that The Walking Dead: March to War is in good hands. Richard Anderson who has done extensive work in the movie and gaming industries is doing the character art for the game, and we can expect to see March to War launch sometime in the Summer of 2017.

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