The Walking Dead Returns This Sunday. Are You Prepared?

The Walking Dead 6x09 returns Sunday, February 14th.The Walking Dead Returns This Sunday. Are You Prepared to Manage the Chaos?


I mean, we’ve been collectively waiting with baited breath since the tower fell, crushing the walls of Alexandria and flooding the streets with walkers. It has been a long, cold winter waiting for The Walking Dead to deliver its final eight episodes of season 6. But, as I sit and read all the articles pouring out across the net, I can’t help but wonder, are we really prepared?


Honestly, I feel a little like Rick did at the beginning of season 6. So ready and prepared with his plan to handle the massive herd that had gathered in the quarry. As we all witnessed though, Rick’s plan, while good in theory, wasn’t prepared for exactly what happened. The tremendous carnage that happened in its wake was devastating. That’s pretty much how I feel about this upcoming Sunday night.


Sure, I’ve got everything ready to go. I have made sure the DVR is still set (several times actually), I have doubled checked that my therapist is showing up for our immediate session, post-show (Thank YOU Chris Hardwick), and I have already prepared my kids for a 7 p.m. bedtime so mommy can be sure to watch a bit of the last few episodes before watching Rick, Michonne, Carl, Jessie, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb venture into the slaughter that awaits them.


If that wasn’t enough of an anxiety inducer, be sure to watch the preview below that AMC released a few days ago in preparation of the monumental event. Something bad is gonna happen on Sunday. Those who ARE lucky enough to survive The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere, may not survive the impending arrival of Negan.



A Look at the Final Episodes of Season 6: The Walking Dead (VIDEO)



Even though I am absolutely terrified for some of my favorite characters, I am also incredibly excited for what is to play out over the next 8 episodes. The arrival of some key comic book characters is at the very top of my ‘Can’t Wait For’ List. Seeing the aftermath of Morgan & Carol’s confrontation is up there as well. I go back and forth on who comes out the victor in that situation, and as much as I appreciate what Morgan is trying to do to hold onto his sanity, NO ONE strikes my Carol that way. If Pookie is too busy dealing with Negan’s men to deal with it, then I will gladly sit Morgan’s ass down for hurting her.


There are so many roller coasters we are about to ride, folks. And, as much as I want to be excited and counting down the minutes in anticipation, I can’t help but feel this tightening in my gut and uneasiness in my slumber.


However, it IS The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, and people are going to die. I guess the question comes down too – Who Will Make It Out Alive and Who Will Become Walker Bait? What is your plan to manage your pre-Walking Dead anxiety? Share yours in the comments below!

The Walking Dead 6×09 “No Way Out” airs on Sunday, February 14th at 9/8C on AMC.


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