The Walking Dead Season 6 – First Look from AMC

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead Season 6 – First Look from AMC

Summer may be laying its beautiful sunshine throughout the country, but my mind is focused on this upcoming October. Wishing away the days certainly doesn’t follow with my attempt at living mindfully and in the present moment… but c’mon – we’re talking about The Walking Dead here. Who could continue to be patient?


With FEAR only a little over a month away from premiering, I supposed I can be tied over with that, but seeing the new post art for TWD Season 6 and knowing that SDCC is just around the corner, makes the wait a little easier.


Nope. I lied. Still sucks. What does help for real… seeing these faces back to work and making some brilliant entertainment. Scroll down to check out an on-set video with Michael Cudlitz and some other cast members including Lauren Cohen, Danai Gurira and Sonequa Martin-Green, along with a full version of the key art from the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, along with the first look picture from the set of Season 6!


On-Set with Michael Cudlitz and the Cast of The Walking Dead

I love how happy and excited the cast seems to be to be back to work. Not only to be with each other, but to be making this brilliant story come to life. By the way – how lucky is Danai!! So glad to see Lenny James back, and I know I am not alone in hoping it is for more than just the first episode.


FIRST LOOK at The Walking Dead Season 6 – Another Comic Character Coming to Life!

The Walking Dead

Heath, a popular character from The Walking Dead comics will be portrayed by actor Corey Hawkins.

Remember back a few months ago when it was mentioned that there was a new character named Delvin?


Get ready to meet Delvin, a new recurring character who is quite cynical and sarcastic. He’s not angry, he just thinks people can be pretty dumb. Another new character we’ll see early on is Tucker, a hardworker tough guy who values fairness. Hm…

Source: E! Spoiler Room

Me thinks that was just a cover for the real new character… direct from the black and white pages of the comics to our screens… TWDFamily, welcome Heath to Alexandria. Maybe we will get a little more intel this summer when the cast and crew head from Georgia to San Diego when their panel for Comic Con takes place, July 10th.


Until then, stay strong TWDFamily, only four months until the show returns, and just over a month until FTWD premieres. Follow us on Twitter – @TWDFansite – to keep up with the latest news about both shows!

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