The Walking Dead Season 6 Sneak Peek & “We Are One” Promo

Andrew Lincoln as Rick GrimesThe Walking Dead Season 6 Sneak Peek & “We Are One” Promo


On Sunday, finishing up AMC’s Sunday marathon of The Walking Dead season 5, was a preview of The Walking Dead Season 6. Chris Hardwick hosted a special episode of The Talking Dead with Showrunner Scott Gimple and super fan, and Lost alum Jorge Garcia. Scott was elusive as always but damn if it isn’t fun watching Hardwick trying to pull everything he possibly could out of the man.


What we did learn is that: 1) cheese will play a part in Morgan’s story; 2) the premiere is a recording breaking episode, featuring the most walkers they’ve ever used… until episode 609, where there is possibly more; and 3) people will die. Even though not too much was discussed beyond the same questions, it was really nice to have the dead, whether its Walking or Talking, back on my screens on a Sunday night.


The Talking Dead – Predictions for TWD Season 6

“We Are One” Promo – TWD Season 6

This is a longer version of the one that ran during The Talking Dead special, featuring all of the group. There is usually something in these types of promos that lend a hint to one of the themes of the season. One of the other things Scott talked about during the preview special, were the different obstacles the group has to face, outside and inside the walls of Alexandria.


What I am hoping this promo tells us, that even if there is some internal struggles or disagreements within the group, they will always come back together, because they are one. Either way, it’s a pretty cool promo, and easily watched a few times over.


The Walking Dead 6×01 Sneak Peek

A sneak peek that doesn’t show much isn’t anything new to fans of the show, but this one is particularly frustrating because the two featured – Abraham and Sasha – are having a conversation that makes no sense to us yet. They are on a mission of some sort, and Sasha seems to be trying harder to be alive and not in that place she was when season 5 ended.


With a 90 minute premiere, this was the only scene that they could release to show on The Talking Dead that didn’t give too much away. What that tells me is that this premiere is going to be huge.


The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 11th at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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