The Walking Dead Season 7 Character Portraits & New Trailers for the Kingdom and Saviors

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, The Walking Dead Season 7

Photo source: AMC

The Walking Dead Season 7 Character Portraits & New Trailers for the Kingdom and Saviors

There’s now officially less than a month before The Walking Dead returns. Recently, AMC released this season’s new set of character portraits, and they certainly do give you a feel of despair, leading you to realize how dire all their situations currently are.

This set of photos includes just about every major character on the canvas right now, and even some that weren’t in the forefront, but I suspect soon will be. Of course, the only one looking happy and optimistic is Negan. If these pictures don’t set the tone for what’s to come, the trailer below them certainly will.


Character Portraits for TWD Season 7



Photo Source: AMC

What I do find interesting about the pictures, is that even those not on their knees in Negan’s line up are featured in a way that makes their situations look bad. We know that Carol isn’t in the best shape at the moment, but even Morgan and people like Tara and Father Gabriel are grim in that faded red light.


VIDEO: “It’s Negan’s World” Trailer



There have been rumblings that Rick and his family of won’t be the main characters in season 7. My guess is that we will be seeing this now from Negan’s point of view, along with his group, the Saviors. Building them up, ruling over Alexandra will be at the forefront, and seeing how our group responds to that.

Photo from SpoilerTV

Photo from SpoilerTV

How much of Negan’s backstory will we get? That’s still up in the air, but the people around him are going to become just as important as some of the survivor’s Rick’s group has picked up along the way. Namely, Dwight. As much as people hate him right now (and rightfully so) I think he will eventually be the key to Rick getting the upper hand on Negan.

Unfortunately, I fear many more will die before we get the satisfaction of Negan’s demise. Whether it is just flat out killing him, or knocking him off his giant pedestal and locking him away in that prison Morgan started building.



VIDEO: “Secrets” Trailer



The Kingdom is what I personally am most looking forward to when we get back to Season 7 in a few weeks. As a comic fan, this is the moment I’ve been anticipating the most since we first met Jesus and the Hilltop in Season 6.

It will be an interesting dynamic for Morgan and Carol when we pick back up, considering how the two clashed on more than one occasion. Morgan stepped up and broke his vow in order to save her. However, that doesn’t mean Carol will be grateful or even pleasant to him in return. When she comes too and sees the new community, will Carol stay in order to avoid killing for the people she loves? Or will she eventually find her way back to Alexandria, where she truly belongs.

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