The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Breakdown & Comic Con Panel Videos

Full cast and crew that attended SDCC for The Walking Dead. Photo courtesy of The Walking Dead Official FB Page

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Breakdown & Comic Con Panel Videos


I am sure you guys have seen this by now. But who wouldn’t want to watch it again! This past weekend, San Diego Comic Con featured a Walking Dead panel with moderator Chris Hardwick, where a good number of cast and main crew attended. There were multiple panels and interviews from the weekend for this bunch, but the feature presentation happened in the infamous Hall H on Friday afternoon.

In attendance were: Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, David Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Michael Cudlitz, Christian Serratos, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Ross Marquand, Josh McDermitt and Sonequa Martin-Green. Basically, your line up from the last scene of season 7.

Start off with the official trailer, then take a look at the full panel video. After that, we take a closer look at the trailer and see what was actually revealed. If you are a fan of the comics,  you will be a very happy TWD Fan…


The Walking Dead Season 7 Official SDCC Trailer

Boy is there a lot to talk about from this trailer, but before we dive into that, check out the full panel from San Diego below. There is a moment when Michael Cudlitz speaks to Abraham’s state of mind and his reasoning on leaving Rosita for Sasha that makes me think he could be in trouble come season 7. I am not saying he meets Lucille, BUT, he certainly gets choked up and I can’t help but wonder about the emotion behind his words.


TWD Full Comic Con Panel – SDCC 2016



If you initially missed Norman’s prank on Andy igniting the most recent rash of pranks, you can find that one here. Here’s the photo that Chris Hardwick took of them after Andy’s prank went sideways… or beardways as the case may be. Keep it up boys, your prank war is the cutest thing on the internet right now.


hardwick IG


Trailer Breakdown – Who’s Ezekiel & What’s with the Tiger?

trailer-ezekiel and shiva

Khary Payton casted as King Ezekiel, The Walking Dead Season 7


First, let me start by saying, I loved the montage at the beginning. Negan points his weapon at his potential victims and we flash back to their best moments, with the people they are closest too. It’s heartbreaking because we know that one of these people will be gone come October. It is a sad, but necessary maneuver in the season to come. Now, I want to know who Negan killed just like you guys do, but I have to say I am SO DAMN EXCITED for Ezekiel & Shiva to make their appearance! Easily two of my favorite comic characters are about to be introduced, and this geek girl’s heart is happy!


In order to keep their very closely guarded secret, the trailer gave us glimpses at the new world our survivors will be facing. We got to see clips from the Hilltop, The Sanctuary which is the true home for Negan and his Saviors, along with a new group led by a man who refers to himself as King Ezekiel who reside at The Kingdom.


Comic book readers are probably giddy with anticipation because we know that with the arrival of The Kingdom, Ezekiel, and his pet tiger, Shiva, the scales will begin to tip back into Rick Grimes’ favor. The portion of the comics that feature this upcoming battle, ‘All Out War’ are some of the most fun graphic novels I have ever read. I very highly suggest you dive into them if you haven’t already.



The Kingdom, a new community featured next season.


The Kingdom is an old elementary school, turned sanctuary, with like minded people just trying to survive. Much like the Hilltop, they have been touched by Negan’s “protection” and have had to turn over much of their goods, just as Gregory and his people. Of course, there is no way of telling how this will all play out because they don’t always stick to the comics.


Morgan and Carol’s arrival at The Kingdom could be a ray of hope for Carol. We didn’t leave her in a very good state, so a new place, with an old frenemy may be just what the doctor ordered for her to get her head on straight. Though this clip from the trailer makes me thing it isn’t going to be THAT easy… OR is Carol just donning another one of her many disguises in order to have the best chance of survival?


trailer-carolw words

Oh, Carol… you’re either crazy or crafty… either way we love you.


Man, I love her. No matter what happens with Carol this season, I have no fear that she will prevail her circumstances and find a way back to her people.


trailer-saviors kneeling

All Hail Negan!


Another very telling scene from the trailer shows Negan walking by some of his people, and they immediately kneel and bow their head. His lair is going to be just as terrifying as he is. I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our good ole buddy Dwight (ya know, the guy who stole Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle and then shot him in the shoulder) is going to be front and center this season. His story will not only impact the group, but serve as a vehicle to understand Negan’s rules and how he governs his own compound.


trailer-negan at asz gate

Little Pig, Little Pig, don’t let him in…


We also learned that Negan and the saviors will end up in Alexandria, but the question is, will Rick and company be in residence, or are they going to be off making deals with the Hilltop or retrieving Carol and Morgan? All I can say is… Poor, Poor Olivia. I imagine she will come to think of Negan as the worst houseguest, ever.


trailer-olivia with negan

Which was scarier for Olivia? This or when she thought Carol was a wolf there to kill her?


Lastly, we got a glimpse of Tara and Heath on their infamous two week run. We know that Tara’s return to the ASZ will bring her heartache, but at this point the question is will she ever see the gates of home again? At the end of the trailer, their fate doesn’t exactly look good. But, we know that they are smart, quick and good with a knife. I think Tara and Heath will make it home alive.



Tara and Heath’s adventure seemed to take a bad turn.


What was your favorite moment of The Walking Dead SDCC Trailer?


Use the comments below to tell us your favorite part, and vote in the poll below to give your best guess as to how Ezekiel came to have a pet tiger in the zombie apocalypse!



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