The Walking Dead: Sundays at the Dinner Table at the End of the World

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-19-25-pmBG Blogger discusses her favorite part of the Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead

It’s been awhile, Deadheads! What I do for a living took over my undead life for a bit. But I’d be remiss not to say something about last night’s episode.

Much like Rick seemed to be on top of the RV retrieving Negan’s hatchet, I feel pretty numb about what transpired. Maybe it’ll hit me later. Maybe after 5 months I was ready for closure. Whatever the reason, I didn’t have much of an emotional response to the action.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-19-20-pmI was struck, though, by the symbolism of the final moments of the show. We see Rick driving away in the RV, watching a walker amble up to the sight where two members of our TWD family’s blood remained splattered on the ground.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-20-42-pmNegan’s voice haunts us and Rick at the same time, talking about the impossibility of peaceful weekly suppers with loved ones. We briefly see a future that will never be now–everyone gathered happily around a dinner table in the quiet surroundings of Alexandria.

It was a beautiful moment, but it shifted quickly to the sight of the emaciated walker who is condemned to stumble through life with only half his clothing, bending down to the ground to dine on the grizzly remains of one half of the loved ones that we lost.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-20-44-pmIs that the only sort of dinner party that can exist now? Will the people of Alexandria really be forced to live with half of everything, to live in constant fear of ending up one of the dead?

It was a bleak, yet profound way to bring an end to the “shitty day,” a quiet contrast to the explosive action that the episode started with. It’s what made it the only part of “The Day Will Come When You Won’t” that I really enjoyed.

Bicycle Girl

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  1. This is great so glad I found you

  2. This was a great episode, and worth the wait. The one thing that made the horrible Negan deaths lifted beyond just gross was the reactions of the victims. Abraham responded in typical Abraham fashion, and the best was Glenn’s last words–“I will find you, Maggie.” A wonderful statement of love in the midst of all that. So Glenn. Also, for all the gore, the worst part of the show for me was Rick completely breaking down as Negan almost forced him to cut off Carl’s arm. This was a rough episode, and while I don’t want to see it again and will probably skip it during any future marathons, I think the writers did exactly what they intended to do, and did it thoroughly. It’s going to be a rough ride, and we can only hope that eventually, Negan will meet the same fate as the Governor. And Joe. And Gareth.

  3. I am sorry to say I can not watch the show again. That is my personal choice so don’t go getting all Negan on me. The show crossed the line for me. The fake zombie vs. human stuff I can handle but not inhumane stuff. I can just watch the news for that.

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