The Walking Dead’s Most Tearful Moments

The Walking Dead’s Most Tearful Moments

These are the scenes that bring tears to my eyes every time I see them….


  • S1:3 — The first reunion of the show ~ when Rick discovers Carl and Lori at the Atlanta camp.

  • S1:6 — Jenner and Jackie holding hands in the last ten seconds of their life before the CDC blows up.

  • S2:1 — The deer ~ we all know which deer, don’t we…! It’s such a beautiful moment, not just because of Carl and the deer, but because of the look on Rick and Shane’s faces, too.

  • S2:4 — When Daryl gives Carol the Cherokee Rose……

  • S3:7 — When Carol is brought back from the tombs in the prison after everyone thought she was dead, and she sees baby Judith—but she can tell from Rick’s face that Lori didn’t make it. The moment was fraught with emotion; I loved the way she didn’t even ask, she just looked at him and knew.

  • S4:8 — Hershel’s face just before The Governor slices his head off, when he’s listening to Rick’s speech: “We can all live together, let go of the past.” It embodies all that’s calm, philosophical and good about him.

  • S4:8 — When Rick and Carl find Judith’s empty car seat after the fall of the prison and think she’s dead… Rick’s face—such brilliant acting.

  • S4:12 — When Beth and Daryl are arguing, drunk, outside the old shack where they were drinking moonshine. He admits that he thinks the fall of the prison is his fault; he cries, and Beth puts her arms around him. Ohh!

  • S5:1 — The reunion of Rick, Carl, and Judith, after Terminus.

  • S5:8 — When Daryl walks out of the Atlanta hospital with Beth’s body in his arms.

  • S6:9 — The Walkers walking into the burning lake at Alexandria, after Daryl has emptied the fuel tank. There’s something so mournful about it; it makes you think of the people they were.

  • S7:1 — When Maggie is standing in the clearing after the murder of Glenn and Abraham, and we hear Negan’s voice “I bet you all thought you were all going to grow old together. Sittin’ round the table at Sunday dinner, living happily ever after…” And then we see what might have been….

  • S7:5 — A different sort of tears: Carl and Enid rollerskating. It’s the looks on their faces, and the music is perfect, too.

  • S7:10 — Daryl and Carol’s reunion at the house outside The Kingdom—that bit when his voice breaks! “Why d’you go?” It’s got to be in the Top Five of best Daryl moments!

  • S7:16 — Maggie’s speech right at the end of the season, about Glenn’s decision to rescue Rick right at the beginning taking them all to where they are now.

  • S3:4 — I’ve saved this one until last because it doesn’t just bring tears to my eyes, it makes me actually blub (big crumpled face and everything), every time I see it. I never much liked Lori, but the scene with Maggie and Carl just before she dies is heartrending. When she says, “You’re strong, and you’re smart, and you’re SO brave”. Gets me every time!


What are the moments that always make your eyes get misty whenever you watch them?

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