This Week’s Dead: The Walking Dead News – Week of 10-5-2015

hayley feature imageThis Week’s Dead: The Walking Dead News – Week of 10-5-2015


Hey there members of TWD family…here’s This Week’s Dead, a roundup of The Walking Dead news.


Last Night’s Episode: Fear the Walking Dead (SPOILERS)


Last night was the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Episode 106 “The Good Man” found everyone on their way to the military base to find Liza, Nick and Griselda. Luring the walkers from the auditorium Daniel visited in the last scene of Episode 105 to the military compound, the group sneaked inside. Meanwhile, Nick and Strand had broken out of their cells, and Liza opted to stay behind rather than join the other evacuees. Everyone was reunited as walkers closed in, and the group fought their way out.


Ofelia ended up wounded in the process, shot by Andy, the soldier her father had tortured for the information. Later at Strand’s luxurious home, Liza confirmed that Ofelia would live. Sadly, Liza would not be so lucky. She had been bitten during the fighting, and Travis opted to be the one to end her life. The episode concludes with a moving shot over the ocean, where the group is apparently headed on Strand’s yacht Abigail. Expect more on the episode later this week here on TWD Fansite.


Last Night’s Talking Dead

A special FTWD edition of Talking Dead aired last night with guests Kim Dickens (Madison), Cliff Curtis (Travis) and producer Dave Erickson. One lucky cast member got a full set of Nick’s now famous old man clothes. In another comical moment, Cliff accidentally referred to Madison as the “Rick James” of the group rather than the “Rick Grimes.” The episode also included a memorial reel and interviews and spots with Robert Kirkman, Lincoln A. Castellanos (Tobias) and Rubén Blades (Daniel.)


The Walking Dead Show News




New FTWD Web Series Debuts

Yesterday, the first episode in the Fear the Walking Dead web series aired on The show is called Fear the Walking Dead “Flight 462.” There will be 16 parts total to the web series, which will take place entirely on an airplane. Apparently, only one character will survive and will go on to become a new character in season two of FTWD. The premiere episode will be played during commercial breaks during the TWD Season 6 Premiere, and then new episodes will be released every Sunday online afterward.


TWD Madison Square Garden Premiere

The cast and some lucky fans will be heading to New York City this week for the big Season 6 Premier event at Madison Square Garden on Friday, October 9, 2015. AMC held drawings to give away tickets to the event and some bloggers and vloggers fans received invites. Many television and radio stations across the country also gave away tickets.


The Walking Dead Cast News


David Morrissey to Appear in London West End Theatre Production

David Morrissey (The Governor) has taken a role in a production of Hangmen, a play he previously appeared in. Opening night is scheduled for December 7, 2015, at Wyndham’s Theater in London, and the play will run through March 5, 2016. Unfortunately, David has canceled his appearance at Walker Stalker Con NY NJ to attend rehearsals.

New Guest Added to WSC Atlanta Line-Up

Greg Nicotero has been added to the ever-growing roster of guests that will be attending Walker Stalker Con Atlanta on October 30 to November 1.

New Guest Added to WSC London Line-Up

Sarah Wayne Callies has been added to the ever-growing roster of guests that will be attending Walker Stalker Con Atlanta on February 21 and 21, 2016.

Set Your DVRs


  • Norman Reedus will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC at 11:30PM Eastern on Wednesday, October 7!


  • Robert Kirkman will be on Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC at 12:30AM Eastern on Thursday, October 8! (which is technically Friday morning)


  • AMC will be running a TWD marathon all week to gear up for the season premiere. Things will kick off tonight, Monday, October 5 at 6:00PM Eastern and continue to 1:30AM, and then continue with the same schedule 6:00PM to 1:30AM Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday, the marathon resumes at 12:30PM and the continues until the season premier at 9:00PM.


  • MyNetwork will be airing TWD Episode 105 Wildfire at 8:00PM Eastern on Tuesday, October 6. This is the episode where the survivors arrive at the CDC.



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