Top Ten Hunks of The Walking Dead – Who’s Your Pick?!

The Walking Dead Top Ten Hunks

…which one would you most like to be locked up in one of the Sanctuary’s dark cells with?


My top ten rundown of the hunkiest men from all seven seasons — I’ve selected carefully, and accepted that just because I quite fancy Simon Saviour, it doesn’t mean that anyone else will! I hope some of your favorites are listed here, and perhaps one or two that you might not have thought of….


10. Aiden Munroe, played by Daniel Bonjour

Slipping in at number 10, Aiden certainly had his faults, but he came good at the end of his short run in the show when he admitted that it was his and Nicholas’s fault that their friends died… and he was much better looking than Spencer!


9. Martinez, played by Jose Pablo Cantillo

Just something about the way he twirls that bat … I perked up as soon as I first saw him in his backward baseball cap in S3:3, by the crashed helicopter! He’s got those Daryl arms, too 🙂


8. Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Yes, yes, he’s our arch enemy, but he really is a bit of a hunk, isn’t he? Is it the clever quips, the way he’s never ruffled (give or take the odd tiger), or just that he’s so darned handsome? Just don’t think about the iron… or Lucille…


7. Shane Walsh, played by Jon Bernthal

You couldn’t blame Lori, really, could you? Or indeed Andrea. Best before he shaved his hair off to hide the evidence of Otis’s last, desperate grab. And we’ll forget about what he looked like in those over-sized dungarees. Yes, the ones that belonged to the man he left for dead. Ouch!


6. Daniel, played by Daniel Newman

Daniel’s been quietly growing on me since he first appeared right at the end of Season 6, like a knight on a white charger to save Carol’s life, and I’m pleased we’re seeing more of him; I think he’s got that Damian Lewis thing going on, somehow.


5. Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln

Rick’s my hero, of course, though I didn’t fancy the boyish cop so much—I think he’s got sexier as he’s got older, more confident, rugged and careworn. Love the gray in his beard, and he’s got the best legs out of the whole of the male cast. The shape of them in those worn jeans and scuffed cowboy boots; remember when he was running from the Walkers in S6:5 ~ “Open the gate NOW!”?


4. Eduardo, played by Peter Luis Zimmerman

Leaping straight in at number 4, Eduardo’s a hot contender indeed. We first saw him brandishing a spear over the walls of the Hilltop; he’s getting more lines now, so perhaps the producers have picked up on him being so female-viewer-friendly!


3. Scott, played by Kenric Green

And I didn’t even know he was married to Sonequa Martin-Green until I looked for pictures of him! What a terrific couple; I’ve had my eye on him since S6:2 when a terrified Sturgess accidentally shot him in the leg after Operation Quarry. A worthy bronze medal at number 3.


2. Jesus (Paul Rovia), played by Tom Payne

And the silver medal goes to…. did you hear all the female viewers gasp in shock-horror when it was revealed that he’s gay? How could they do this to us? He’s not only gorgeous, it’s the way he’s clever, witty, daring, and such a very, very nice guy. Oh, and those eyes…


1. Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus

I know, I know, it’s obvious who was going to be awarded the gold medal for delighting half the women of the world every time he appears on the screen, but you can never have too many pictures of the sexiest, most honorable post-apocalyptic warrior ever to hit the TV. Daryl, we love you. Never change. But maybe hit the shower now and again.


Did you agree with at least some of my choices? Is there anyone you think should be added to the list?

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