TWD 4×06 “Live Bait” Episode Recap & POLL

Season 4 Episode 6 of The Walking DeadTWD 4×06 “Live Bait” Episode Recap & POLL

Right from the beginning of “Live Bait” we see learn that the Governor’s two friends leave him high and dry. Deciding to get a little vengeance, the Governor heads back to Woodbury and burns the town to the ground. After spending some significant time alone out on the road, we catch up to a very hairy Phillip, barely making it down a somewhat deserted street. Just when he can’t go any further, he sees a little girl in an apartment window.

Phillip stumbles upon a family living in an apartment building – two sisters, a little girl and the grandfather who has stage four lung cancer. He introduces himself as Brian Hernoit, a name he saw spray painted on the side of a barn during his travels. After lending them a hand with some supplies, and a backgammon game, Phillip is also the one that ends up putting zombie grandpa down when the old man succumbs to his cancer.

The Governor decides its time to go, but the women insist on going with him to try and find a better place to stay. While on the road, their truck breaks down and they take off on foot with a small herd of walkers behind him. While running with the little girl, Megan, in his arms, he falls into a grave where there are several walkers ready to feast. With some pretty cool moves, he is able to take down the walkers and save Megan. After the walkers are dead and he is holding Megan, the Governor gets a shock when a familiar face looks down at him from the top of the pit, Martinez.

The Governor’s Return: Hit or Miss?

406-05While David Morrissey is very sweet and charming, his Walking Dead alter ego is anything but. Even though it seems as though he has changed and even may feel some regret by his previous actions, do you trust him? I have to admit, I expected him to commit more unspeakable acts at every turn and was very surprised by the course he actually took. What did you think? Do you trust the Governor? Is there any hope for his redemption?









The next episode of The Walking Dead, “Dead Weight”, airs on Sunday, November 24th at 9/8C.

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