The Walking Dead’s Top Ten Most Despicable Characters

The Walking Dead’s Top Ten Most Despicable Characters

This is based on my love of the TV series; I have read four of the Kirkman/Bonansinga books but only half the comics, so I apologise for not being a purist! It’s the opinions I’ve formed after much thought and dismissal of certain characters who had plenty of despicable traits but also some saving graces, like Merle; who could forget his selfless last day amongst the living, when he let Michonne go and tried to wipe out The Governor’s crew?

Here we go, then:

10. At number ten, I’ve chosen the creepy Pete Anderson, who might have saved a few lives here and there, but all we saw him doing was beating on his wife, terrorising his kids, trying to get Rick kicked out of Alexandria and, finally, swiping a blade across the throat of the charming and delightful Reg Monroe! Oh, and savagely tossing Carol’s casserole to the floor…..

9. At number nine, and not worrying too much about her dark roots, Arat of The Saviours is a real queen bitch. I hate her attitude, the way in which she seems to get real pleasure from doing her master’s bidding. And she shot poor Olivia as if she was just turning round to wave to someone. Bet she was pissed off that cutting Rosita’s face didn’t make her any less beautiful, too!

8. A big brute with no saving graces at all: at number eight, wife beater Ed Peletier. The only good thing he did was getting bitten by some walkers, and letting Carol become the woman we know and love now.

7. Slobbering along at number seven, here’s the repulsive Dan, of Joe’s ‘Claimed’ gang. Don’t want to think about what the snivelling blancmange would have done to Carl, if Rick hadn’t chewed Joe’s neck off!

6. Well, he had to be here somewhere. Although a good guy once, and I still think there’s some good to come, I must place Dwight in this list. What he did to Daryl in the burnt forest was bad enough, but since then? Him and Sherry could have just got on Daryl’s bike and gone, anywhere, but he chose to go back and throw his insignificant weight around, lording it over those lower down the Saviours hierarchy. Asshole. Sorry? He’s gonna be…

5. The end of the world brings out the best in some and the very worst in others—few more so than Tyreese and Sasha’s one time mate, Allen. Not a saving grace in his personality, he wanted to kill Carl, Carol, Hershel, Beth and Axel after they’d taken him in and fed him. Then he was all too keen to jump in and do The Governor’s bidding and destroy the prison group—even fighting with Tyreese, who had his back so many times! Evil little weasel, I was glad when he got shot.

Xander Berkeley as Gregory - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

4. Sucking up to Saviour Simon and reinventing any truth as long as it will save his neck, ghastly Gregory is only one step short of a place on the winners’ podium. We hated him since he propositioned Maggie, and he’s only got worse. I haven’t read as far as his story in the comic books, but I did accidently see a picture of him with a noose round his neck, so I have high hopes. I bet he’s going to cause a lot of trouble for our friends before he gets to that point, though—a lot…..

3. And now, the Top Three. The bronze medal for Most Despicable goes to Gareth, of Terminus fame. You see, Gareth, after you got rid of the gang who took the place from you, you could have gone back to being a good guy. You could have even been a bad guy, but you didn’t have to EAT the people you took in. That really is stretching it. You should have listened to what Rick said about the axe with the red handle, shouldn’t you?

2. He may be sad to be only the runner up, and he did love his daughter, and little Megan, but sorry, Phillip The Governor, you’re a Silver Medal baddie. For crimes against Glenn and Maggie, for the gunning down of your soldiers, for the murder of potential good guy Martinez and, worst of all, for the slicing off of Hershel’s head. Wear your runner up rosette with shame.

1. It would be so good not to be predictable, but, really, how good the Gold Medal go to anyone else but Negan? As far as I can see, there is not even one tiny hint or trace of remorse, conscience or his having done any good to anyone, any time. A true psychopath, the more pain and fear he inflicts, the happier he is. Negan has truly earned his place in TV hell.

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