TWD TBT: What Do You Remember About 18 Miles Out?

TWD TBT: What Do You Remember About 18 Miles Out Ep. 210?

Bicycle Girl talks foreshadowing, parallels to Season 6 and an epic bitchfight in Episode 210 18 Miles Out in this The Walking Dead Throwback Thursday post.


Hey, hey Walking Dead family! It’s time for Throwback Thursday, but FIRST…I have some exciting news. Okay, it’s not exciting. But it’s news. Social media sites are finally allowing the undead to register, so now you can follow my shenanigans on Twitter and Facebook if you so desire!


Now onto the main event…18 Miles Out! Episode 210 was one I didn’t remember too well, but I decided to watch it for a reason I’ll explain in a bit! *Mysterious music*


A couple of things struck me when I was watching it that I didn’t remember or now have a new perspective on. Here goes:


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.14.08 PM

1. There Was a Pretty Good Bitch Fight Going on in the Kitchen!


In this corner, weighing in at some weight plus the weight of Judith the Fetus is Lori, the First Lady of the Survivors AKA Whori, as one of my favorite TWD family members, Cindy Dixon, brilliantly dubbed her.


In the other corner, weighing in at some weight is Andrea, future sort of First Lady of Woodbury, former civil rights attorney and current bad chooser of men!




When I first watched this episode I strongly disliked Lori and Andrea so much that I gave no shits about this scene. I just wanted to see what Rick and Shane were up to. But this time, I enjoyed watching them to see who could outbitch the other. Personally, I think Andrea won with this low blow.

Go in there and tell that little girl that everything’s gonna be okay, just like it is for you. She’ll get a husband, a son, baby, boyfriend. She just has to look on the bright side.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.17.17 PM


2. There Was Some Shane Death Foreshadowing Going On.


I realized the first time that Shane was identifying with that lone walker shambling through the field when he and Rick drove by, but of course not knowing the future, I didn’t catch this gem:


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.11.40 PM


When Shane throws the wrench and breaks the window he sees himself looking back like that. Looks a lot like how he ultimately looked when he rose from the ground and staggered toward Rick:




At the end of the episode, Rick lays down the law with Shane about Lori and Carl, but he seems sincere in his hope that his former partner will come around. He says,


It’s time for you to come back.


But of course, as we all know by now, it’s not so easy to come back in the world of The Walking Dead. Shane endx up the way he looked in the glass, like the zombie in the field.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.22.36 PM

3. Episode 210 of TWD Has Some Parallels to Season 6.


So…the reason why I wanted to watch this episode was because of this poetic quote from Abraham in Episode 603.


The magic number’s 20. That’s the mission. That’s making sure they’re off munching on infirm raccoons the rest of their undead lives instead of any of us.

The fact that they were traveling 20 miles out stuck with me and made me think of Episode 210, so I picked it for this week.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.19.52 PM


Even though the episode is called 18 miles out. They actually go further than that because Rick wanted to give Randall a fighting chance. When Shane comments on it, the odometer reads 18.75 miles, and they keep driving, perhaps all the way to the magic number of 20.

The numbers and the idea of driving a certain distance isn’t the only way that Episode 208 is similar to the episodes so far this season. Also:


The episode begins with a flash forward or present scene and then goes back to tell the back story. This is a milder version of what was done in Episode 601 First Time Again.


– In this episode, Rick has a definite plan that he hopes to accomplish. He wants to get Randall a safe distance away from the farm to protect the people who live there. In Episode 601, he has the same idea–get the walkers far from Alexandria.


– Rick’s plan goes awry when Shane loses control and acts violently because he wants to steal or take what Rick has–Lori and to some extent Carl. In the 6th Season, Rick’s plan goes awry when the Wolves violently attack and try to steal from the town of Alexandria.


Kind of makes me wonder if a pivotal character in the show will be dying now that Rick’s plan was foiled. If not Glenn, maybe someone else. After all, the events of Episode 210 set things in motion to lead up to Shane’s death.


What do you guys remember about Episode 210? Tell me on Facebook or Twitter or both if you want to be super thorough! I wanna know!


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