Revisiting Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia 2017

The Walking DeadRevisiting Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia 2017


Gearing up for the return of The Walking Dead is something that starts in my house, the second the current season ends. Things really start to ramp up though by the time September rolls around. Episodes are constantly on the television, Twitter is abuzz with hopes and predictions for the season to come, and we are packing for Walker Stalker! Having had the chance to attend Atlanta in 2014, and volunteering a few times in between, I knew that this year the site had to go and experience it again from the fan perspective.


Philadelphia’s venue is probably one of my favorites, solely for the amount of room you have to move about in. The vendors are spread out through the first of the two main rooms, with the panel stage smack in the middle. With the addition of pre-sale autographs and photo ops through Walker Stalker‘s main page, there are no more never-ending lines to wait in or have to cut through. WSC has become a well-oiled machine that offers some of the most fun, genuine interactions with the cast you could ever ask for.


We started our day by stopping to meet Tom Payne, and he was just as genuine and kind as you imagine a man playing a character named Jesus would be. Over the course of the weekend, we were also lucky enough to meet up with Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, and Norman Reedus.


The Walking Dead

Got myself two great pieces of art by the talented Kirk Manley!

Well-known artists in The Walking Dead Community, Scott Straka  Kirk Manley and Oscar Rodriguez, were in attendance and offered up some seriously spectacular pieces. It was a pleasure finally getting to meet some of them in person, not to mention adding a few new pieces to the collection I have growing on my office walls.


There were a wide variety of merchandise and vendors in attendance. You could get a tattoo, pose with the Impala from Supernatural (yeah I did and it was AMAZING!), and buy a range of collectible posters, figures, weapons, and glassware.


Zombie Charm School was set up with a booth offering photos with their cosplayers Rick, Daryl, and Maggie who looked incredible! Speaking of cosplay, there were some really deadicated fans all decked out in their best walkers, Daryls, Rositas, Ricks, Governors, and Michonnes. We even had a group there representing The Kingdom! King Ezekiel would be proud guys!


The Walking Dead


One thing I really love about attending these conventions is seeing how creative the fans can get all in the name of paying tribute to these characters we all love so much!


No Walker Stalker is complete though without the panels. We sat in on several panels over the two-day evening, including the Boondock Saints with Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco, the cast from Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Sicktionary. This was also the third Walker Stalker where I witnessed a proposal up on stage… this is a wonderful and weird family we have here, and I love every second of spending these weekends with them all.


To see the ENTIRE Album of pictures from this weekend’s events, click here to view the Flickr page.


VIDEO: WSC Philly Panel “Sicktionary” Dance Off!


When a panel game ends in a tie, there is really only one good way to determine a winner. DANCE OFF!


First up: Team Ross Marquand and Kyla Kenedy!



And finally: Team Seth Giliam and Syndey Park!



And the Winner?


The Walking Dead



Walker Stalker Philadelphia was a fantastically fun weekend! We met some old friends, made some new ones, and will hopefully be back next year with some more shenanigans and stories from one of the greatest casts in the world!


For a schedule of events and tickets, head over to the official Walker Stalker Convention site. Looking forward to seeing some more familiar faces in New Jersey this December! I want to hear about your time at WSC Philly! Tweet me @TWDFansite or @jryan_author your best memories and favorite pictures from the weekend!


I have to say the highlight… getting silly stringed by Norman….

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