Walkers, Rats & Pigs – Going In Deep TWD 4×02 (VIDEOS)

The Walking DeadWalkers, Rats & Pigs – Going In Deep TWD 4×02 “Infected”

When we saw Violet last week, we knew she was a goner. And while I am always sad to see an animal hurt or sick (yes, even on TV) I still cannot get the image of Rick and his poor piggies out of my head. The only thing that was harder to see was the pain, disgust, and gut wrenching knowledge written all over Rick’s face as he placed them out, one by one, as walker food. And with that, let’s get indepth into TWD S4E2 “Infected”.

Poor Piggies

Rick has made a pledge to be a better father to Carl and Judy. For him, that means putting the guns down and helping the group in a whole new way. Taking Hershel’s advice Rick had donned his overalls and made a successful source of food to nourish the prison’s settlement. Unfortunately a bug struck, hence Violet’s eventual death. Now, question is, did the pig make the people sick or vice versa. Was that handshake between Daryl and Patrick a sign of things to come. After witnessing what just happened in the prison, it sure seems so. But while live tweeting with the amazing TWDFamily last night, I know one thing for certain. If Daryl dies, they riot. Hard.  
After hearing the gun shots and shouts, Rick takes off for the prison, and sees the chaos. Someone hands him a gun, and he hands it right off, choosing to fight with his knife. Just another moment that shows Rick seems strong in his resolve to not go back to the gun-wielding “Ricktatorship” as previous seasons. Even later, when Daryl tells him that his vacation from battle is well deserved, but he’s welcome back and appreciated for all he’s done, Rick doesn’t waiver.  
Maggie alerts them to the fence issue. The one we all saw in the previews and knew would become a serious issue. Why is it an issue? Because some crazy person is feeding rats to the walkers. Speculation seems to be on Lizzie. She lost her dad, she has a weird affection for walker ‘Nick’ and seems slightly unbalanced. But she’s what, 11 (if that), and living in a Zombie Apocalypse, I don’t know how well adjusted I would’ve been either. In an attempt to save the fence, and rid the prison of the infected piggies, Rick and Daryl drive around the yard, luring the walkers away as I described above. Sad, Heartbreaking, and makes me never want to eat bacon again.  

Other scenes of note: Tyrese and Karen – while they made for a cute couple you had to know she wouldn’t last the entire episode once she walked into that bathroom. If it wasn’t Zombie Patrick, the virus was going to take her. But never in a million years, would I have thought Tyrese would find her like he did.

Michonne and Judith – Oh where to begin. Now, I am sorta new to the comics. Currently somewhere around Vol. 5 or 6 (the Governor and Woodbury are involved) I still don’t know anything about her past. However, by that scene alone I am starting to think there are so many more levels of depth to that character. Did she lose a child to the zombies? Or was it the loss of the idea of having a child. Could she have lost one even prior to the zombies and it’s only now that she has had the chance to grieve.


Overall, another great episode! Lots of action, lots of questions, and, once again, lots of cool ways to kill zombies. Check out the ‘making of’ video above for 4×02 “Infected”. Join us for live tweeting every Sunday during new episodes! The next new episode of The Walking Dead 4.03 Isolation airs Sunday, October 27th at 9/8C on AMC.  

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