The Walking Dead Issue #166 Recap and Review

the walking deadThe Walking Dead Issue #166: No Surrender Recap and Review.

After some of the shocking events in #165, we get another powerhouse issue that resolves a few of the questions we were left with, but also leaves Rick and company in a tenuous position. There are going to be spoilers ahead for the latest issue of the comic, so if you haven’t read it yet, please go pick it up at your local comic book store and then head back for this review.

After issue #165 ended with a major cliffhanger, we’ve been waiting a month to find out Andrea’s fate. This issue opens with Andrea knowing full well she’s been seriously wounded on her neck, and ever the strong survivor continues to push on with her mission of leading a massive horde of walkers into the ocean. Meanwhile back at Alexandria…
Rick and Negan continue to fight the horde of walkers that have invaded and done some damage to the place, all the while Negan continues to one line it up at the expense of Rick. The groups that were sent out to try and stem the tide of walkers all converge back at Alexandria to help regain control of the situation, and there is a great moment when Rick and Carl reunite. To try and save ammo, the group resorts to bladed weapons for the finale of the battle. As they get ready to make their final stand, gunfire rings out, decimating the horde in front of them. Rick is thankful, but surprised when he sees…

Sherry, who is now the leader of The Saviors has come to the rescue, however, she has captured Dwight, Heath and a few others, and demands that Rick and company drop their weapons. She explains that her group wants out of the network of camps that Rick has built, letting him know they don’t need him to survive anymore. Negan appears waving to Sherry’s surprise, and that gives Dwight an opportunity to make his move. A few of the saviors are knocked down, and their weapons stolen which leads to a standoff. Rick tells everyone to calm down and asks Sherry to accompany him inside so that they can talk it through.

While inside, Rick asks Sherry what she wants, and she lets him know they want to be left alone, and not be a part of their neighborhood network anymore. She doesn’t quite believe him, and goes crazy thinking she could intimidate Rick, which to her surprise does not work. She continues to argue with Rick, eventually pulling a knife on him. He blocks the knife with his prosthetic arm, but Sherry gets on top of him choking him until he is almost passed out.

He manages to push her backwards where she hits her head on the edge of a table and falls to the ground dead. Rick tries desperately to revive her, but he knows she’s gone. Andrea returns, and as she walks through the doorway, she sees Sherry, and asks Rick if she’s dead. Rick looks back at her, panicked, saying it was an accident. Andrea takes a few steps in and falls to the floor. Rick asks if she is ok, and she shows the wound on her neck telling him she isn’t.

After the events of The Whisperer War, Robert Kirkman has really stepped up his game with this last few issues of The Walking Dead. There is some good action, plenty of surprising moments, and once again we are left to wait a month to find out the fate of Andrea, and what the fallout will be from the death of Sherry. Could Negan be in a position to regain control of The Saviors?

Charlie Adlard’s art is on point as always, and the issue is as usual one of the must reads of the week. I really enjoyed this one, though Kirkman and company are keeping me on my toes with the fate of my favorite character, Andrea. Why he keeps toying with me, I’ll never know, though the cover to issue #167 could mean we will know next month what happens. I think that this issue will appeal to both the casual fan of the comic as well as the hardcore reader as with Robert Kirkman, he always manages to pull another surprise out of his hat every month!

Coming next month, The Walking Dead Issue #167: A Certain Doom.

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