A Look at Ride with Norman Reedus Episode 1×01

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A Look at Ride with Norman Reedus Episode 1×01

I’ll be the first to admit Norman’s new show took me completely by surprise. I love it! For someone who knows very little about motorcycles, and after having an accident on one as a teenager and ever since being completely terrified of them, I was pleasantly shocked. The closest comparison I can make is when I was told The Walking Dead isn’t about the zombies, it’s about the people, which is completely true. Ride with Norman Reedus isn’t entirely about the motorcycles, it’s about the journey. Norman and his weekly guest travel cross country to a different destination while exploring biker culture and the locale. The first episode was a ride north on the California PCH.

California Pacific Coast Highway

After meeting custom bike artist, Roland Sands, in Long Beach, Norman swings by West Hollywood to pick up Imogen Lehtonen, a biker from New Zealand whose family invented the skull ring. Before they head off, Imogen picks out Norman’s first skull ring from her shop, The Great Frog.

Skull ring

Source:  The Great Frog

When they arrive in Pismo Beach, they decide to ride dune buggies.

Source:  AMC

Nitt Witt RidgeNitt Witt RidgeSource:  Pinterest

They also visited Nitt Witt Ridge, an abandoned-looking house that’s actually a tourist attraction built out of junk and filled with oddities, including a number of toilets.

Norman at Zero Motorcycles

Zero motorcyclesSource:  Zero Motorcycles via Twitter

Zero Motorcycles, the pioneer of electric motorcycles, was their first stop in Santa Cruz.  Norman and Imogen marveled at how quiet the bikes are when they’re running. They rode through the Redwood forest on their silent bikes. After saying their goodbyes, they headed to their final destination.

Re-Cycle Garage

imageSource:  Moviepilot

Norman and Imogen arrived at the Re-Cycle Garage, which is also the home of the biking podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits. They met Liza, the host of the podcast. Liza teaches people how to work on bikes without being a mechanic. Liza said the podcast started when she and the gang of misfits wanted to bring their conversations about bikes to the world. On the podcast, Liza asked Norman what the best bike would be in the zombie apocalypse. He said he would use a Zero bike with a solar panel to stay quiet. After riding with the Misfits, Norman and Imogen headed back south where Norman ended their journey by thanking Imogen for the adventure.

This is only a brief synopsis of the episode. Watch it for yourself to get the full effect of the whole journey. There have been three other episodes air to date and another is coming up Sunday night on AMC at 10/9C. You don’t have to be a motorcycle enthusiast or gear head to enjoy the show, as I can well attest to.


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  1. That s right! Norman Reedus will help us through our walker withdrawals by gracing our television screens riding on a motorcycle. But he won t be Daryl Dixon, he ll be himself. And he won t be chasing zombies, he ll just be chasing fun with his pals.

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