What Did Deanna Write in Latin on The Walking Dead 6×05?

What Did Deanna Write in Latin on The Walking Dead Episode 605?

Bicycle Girl discusses what dolor hic tibi proderit olim means and how it relates to EpX605 Now.


Hey, hey, Deadheads! There was a lot of emotion going on in The Walking Dead Episode 605, huh? Between my fellow walkers and the Wolves, the community of Alexandria is trying to pick up the pieces and fight to survive.


As the town’s leader, Deanna was unsurprisingly one of the most affected. Last night, we watched her fight with her son, stab a walker repeatedly and antagonize more walkers at the gate. But before all of that, we also watched DeAnna sketch plans for the community, marking places for vegetables, a training center and more. At the bottom, she wrote these words


dolor hic tibi proderit olim


The Latin phrase comes from Ovid and means,


someday this pain will be useful to you.


Ultimately, I think the phrase captures the theme of Episode 605–accepting reality for what it is, however, painful it may be. Let’s take a look at how some characters did just that in this episode.


1. Aaron

Ross Marquand as Aaron - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Boy, a guy loses his backpack and ends up being responsible for murdering half the town! While it’s up for debate whether or not it’s technically Aaron’s fault that the Wolves attacked, he accepted responsibility early in the episode. He moved forward by resolving to help Maggie find Glenn and refused to turn back until she was ready.


2. Deanna



Up until she started feverishly scribbling on the plans, Deanna was walking around lifelessly like a zombie in a very nice sweater set. A heated exchange with Spencer and her later run-in with a walker led her to finally accept the truth, no matter how painful–Alexandria needs someone like Rick to lead now. At the end, we see her not hiding from the walkers, but going to the gate, embracing their new situation.


3. Denise


Since we first saw Denise, she’s been afraid that she isn’t cut out to be the town’s doctor. After nearly giving up on Scott’s recovery, she accepted that there was no one to do the job but her. As afraid as she was, she searched for the answer and took action. Accepting her new role seems to have been freeing for Denise, so freeing that she acted on her urge to kiss Tara.


4. Jessie



When Jessie saw one of her former neighbors turned inside of the house, she didn’t go and get one of Rick’s group to take care of it. She killed it, and then told the people of the town that they all needed to accept the world for what it is if they want to survive. At the end, we see her in Rick’s arms, poised to move forward with him in the reality of the world she was trying to ignore.


5. Maggie



Desperate to find Glenn, Maggie headed down into the sewers with Aaron. She was determined to go on alone if she had to until she ended up elbow -eep in a squishy walker and then came faced with the sizable herd outside. Tearfully, she revealed that she’s pregnant and told Aaron that she had to accept the fact she might never see Glenn again. The episode leaves her removing Glenn’s name from the wall, making it clear that even though she’s accepting reality, she’s not willing to give up hope.


6. Ron



After refusing to listen to Rick when he followed him and Morgan away from Alexandria, Ron seemed to have a change of heart in this episode. He asked Rick to teach him to shoot, acting as if he has accepted the reality of things and is ready to move on. I still wonder how genuine this is–I’m going to keep a close eye on the Spawn of Porch Dick for now.


7. Spencer

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.52.23 PM


To try and prevent his neighbors from cleaning out the supplies, Spencer accepted responsibility for keeping the gate open, and later, when he argued with his mother, he seemed to grasp the reality of the times they’re living in. But unlike the other characters, Spencer hasn’t seemed to fully adjust to things. Despite discouraging others from taking what they wanted, he helped himself to alcohol.


Only time will tell just how useful the pain that all of these characters is experiencing will prove to be. Will they continue to move forward or will they end up like Sam, wanting to stay in the places that haven’t changed?


For now, we don’t know. We are left in a state of waiting, much like the residents of Alexandria, caught inside the walls of the episode, unable to see past them. Outside, we know there is danger, and we don’t know the fate of characters we care about like Glenn, Sasha, Abraham and Daryl.


So we wait with Aaron and Maggie.

With Denise and Tara.

With Ron and Sam.

With Jessie and Rick. With Spencer and Rosita. We wait with Deanna and her papers.

We wait in the Now and hope the pain of not knowing will prove useful when we find out the truth about what’s under the dumpster and what’s out on the highway.

Tell me what you think lies beyond the Now in the comments.

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