What Will Become of Carol on The Walking Dead Finale?

_The-Walking-Dead-6x15-CarolWhat Will Become of Carol on The Walking Dead Finale?


Guys, I don’t feel good writing this. I really, really don’t. But, I feel if I don’t, then I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else until Sunday night. Honestly, even that is up for debate. Only halfway through the week and the idea that 1) this is the last new episode until October and 2) that a beloved character will die, are seriously making me question why I torture myself.


Then I remember…


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They’re my family.


Getting to the point of my dreaded diatribe… I’ve read two other articles now about the possibility of Carol being the one to die on Sunday night. Up until today, I never let the thought cross my mind that she could really be the one. Not the destroyer of Terminus… not the woman who led the wolves to the slaughter.


Not my Carol.


Yet, the more I mull this all over, the more I worry for her. First, credit where credit is due – after reading James Frazier’s post on FanFest (yes, the wonderful WSC originator, James) about Carol, I agree with his notion that this past season has really been focused on Carol’s arc. Regardless of the passing of time and the handful of episodes where she wasn’t around, Carol’s actions in the ones she appeared in have spoken volumes about her.


There’s been a lot of talk of coming full circle with Morgan’s ‘life is precious’ and ‘people can come back’ speeches to anyone who would listen. Carol hasn’t been holding together well these last few weeks in particular and that leads me to wonder… is she coming full circle? Has she burned away so much of herself that she’s once again resorted back to the burned and broken woman that was married to Ed Peletier?


Is Carol too far gone?


P.S. Comic Spoilers Ahead.


Comic Carol vs. TV Carol

tv vs comic character
I try to make it a point to not compare and contrast the comic and TV counterparts because the differences at this point are immense (unless it is in my head – that, my friends, is a never ending cycle). They’ve found a magic balance of using the source material, but altering it enough to keep us readers surprised. But, for this discussion we need to look at who Carol was in the comic books, to get an idea of where her head is at and what she may be doing.


Comic Carol was crazy. No really, she was, and not in a good way. She had an affair with Tyrese, tried to talk Lori and Rick into a threesome, and then when you think things for her couldn’t get worse, she throws herself at a walker chained to a fence in a last act of desperation. In this world, she left behind Sophia, who goes on to be adopted by Glenn and Maggie.


WD episode 615 screen shot


We all know how different TV Carol has been from this other version. Yet, there are things that she’s exhibiting now that seem like she’s losing her grip. Smoking? Sleeping with Tobin? No way, not OUR Carol.


When Carol decided to leave Alexandria, she obviously didn’t do so in a manner that would lead you to believe she wants to die, but what if this latest encounter on the road was the last straw. After all, she was desperate enough to avoid killing, that she left her family even with the imminent danger of the Saviors.


What if now, she has just walked off into the horizon and straight into a walker’s arms?


_comic carol


I hope that Carol doesn’t try to die by walker suicide. I hope that she’s able to find a way to cope with doing what’s necessary to survive, even if that means taking a life. She belongs in Alexandria with the others. I just hope Carol realizes that.


What do you think is going on with Carol? Will she meet her end in the finale or will she come back around to Alexandria? Use the comments below to share your thoughts!



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  1. I think that Morgan will find carol and they will set out to find the rest of the group, who are in imminent danger from the saviours. They together will save the majority of the group and just as negan goes to murder daryl, carol will sacrifice herself and she will die.

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