Who Has the Highest Kill Counts on The Walking Dead?


michonne2Who Has the Highest Kill Counts on The Walking Dead?


Which of the survivors on The Walking Dead has killed the most walkers? Who has the most human kills? I did a little digging to find out the answers through the Season 5 finale. Some of the results are surprising, others less so!


The graphic below gives you a quick look at who the deadliest characters on The Walking Dead are. We’ll take a closer look in a second, but first I want to clarify how the TWD kill counts were calculated:


  • I only counted on screen kills and off screen verifiable deaths when making these counts.
  • I did not include situations where a character was directly involved with a death but not the killer. For example, I didn’t give Carl a point for killing Dale even though it was his fault the walker got onto the farm, technically.
  • In large fight scenes, it’s sometimes hard to tell whose shot was whose, so when things were questionable, I awarded no kill points to anyone.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s move onto the lists.



Who Has Killed the Most Walkers on The Walking Dead? The Top 10 Walker Killers on TWD are:




10. The Governor

Kill Count: 23

It’s likely good old Phillip got more biter kills than 23 but that’s the number that can be easily confirmed from the footage.


9. Abraham Ford

Kill Count: 33

Mother dick! With 33 walkers, Abe comes in 9th place, but he really ought to get some extra points for being so happy about it.



8. Carl Grimes

Kill Count: 37

Nope! It’s not bullshit. Carl beat out a lot of the adults in the series in the kill count, racking up 37 kills in all over the course of the first five seasons.


7. Andrea Harrison

Kill Count: 42

When she wasn’t kissing walkers, Andrea was busy killing them. Even though her biter-slaying days have been over since the finale of Season 3, she still comes in seventh on the list.




6. Maggie Greene

Kill Count: 45

I always think of the scene above when I think of somebody killing walkers, so I was a little surprised Maggie wasn’t higher on the list. But coming in 6th is not too shabby considering the fact she wasn’t really involved with fighting the biters until Season Three.



5. Sasha Williams

Kill Count: 54

Having gone round the twist as my granddad Bicycle Gramp used to say, Sasha ranked up some major kill points in Season Five taking her anger out on unsuspecting walkers. Her episodes landed her in one of the most memorable spots on the season and on the fifth spot of the countdown.



4. Michonne

Kill Count: 87

Katana in hand, Michonne has slashed her way to the fourth place spot on the countdown. She’s had a number of memorable walker kills in the series. The one that always stands out to me is when she decapitated both her walker pets in Season Three to try to avoid being discovered by the Governor. Michonne is the number one walker killer among the ladies of TWD.




3. Glenn Rhee

Kill Count: 129

Don’t call him walker bait! Through the last five seasons, Glenn has been shooting, slashing, impaling and otherwise slaying walkers left and right. He’s found his way to the third place on the countdown. Let’s hope he’s around through all of Season Six to rack up some more kills. As a side note, Glenn is the only member of the Atlanta Five who hasn’t killed a single human as of the end of Season Five.



2. Rick Grimes

Kill Count: 137

Even though he retired his gun for a short time, Rick has managed to kill a whopping 137 walkers. He’s come a long way since he clubbed that first walker with a baseball bat outside of the house where he met Morgan!



1. Daryl Dixon

Kill Count: 141

Daryl Dixon reigns supreme at the top of the list, having squeaked past Rick with four more kills. Although we most often think of Daryl killing walkers with his crossbow, he’s used plenty of other methods to slay his way to the number one spot. Personally, the moment when he killed three walkers at once in the Season Five finale was my favorite.


Who Has Killed the Most Humans on The Walking Dead? The Top 10 Human Killers on TWD are:



10. Lizzy Samuels

Kill Count: 2

Poor crazy, crazy, crazy Lizzy. I gotta admit I cheered when she took down one of the invaders from the Governor’s group, but seeing her with her sister’s blood on her hands will forever give me the shivers. It did manage to get her to the number 10 spot on the countdown.



9. Beth Greene

Kill Count: 2

Beth actually tied Lizzy with two human kills, but I put her in ninth place since she managed to take down two adults.




8. Maggie Greene

Kill Count: 3

Although Maggie hasn’t killed any major characters, the various skirmishes at the prison did result in her taking down three humans on screen. It’s likely her counts were higher but no other kills can be proven definitively during the gun battles.



7. Merle Dixon

Kill Count: 4

Wonder if Merle would be proud to know he made the countdown? Like Maggie, he likely has a higher kill count, but at least four can be confirmed. The most memorable ones took place at the rendezvous point in Episode 315 when he singlehandedly took down a number of the Governor’s goons.




6. Abraham Ford

Kill Count: 5

Abraham got pretty close to one extra kill when he gave Eugene that shot to the face! Fortunately, the supposed Dr. Porter recovered, keeping Abe at number six with five total kills.



5. Michonne

Kill Count: 7

Michonne has more than a handful of kills under her belt. The samurai as Gareth called her comes in fifth on the countdown and has the distinction of being the one who finally put the Governor down. Technically, though, Lily got the kill for Phil because he was still alive when she shot him in the face.




4. Daryl Dixon

Kill Count: 8

Throughout the seasons, Daryl has killed a number of humans helping to defend the group. Perhaps the most heart wrenching came in the mid-seasonal finale of Season 5 when he took down Officer Dawn Lerner for accidentally shooting Beth in the head.




3. Carol Peletier

Kill Count: 9

I actually think Carol’s count may be several higher but not high enough to put her into the second spot. She likely killed a lot more people than those directly shown during her solo assault on Terminus. The Queen has shown she’s not afraid to do what needs to be done and has killed many named characters, namely Mary at Terminus, Karen, David and, of course, Lizzy.




2. Rick Grimes

Kill Count: 17

Officer Friendly? Maybe not so much! Rick has evolved into someone who, like Carol, isn’t afraid to take a life when he has to. His first human kill came in Season Two when he shot Dave and Tony at the bar in “Nebraska.” The most recent came at the close of the Season Five finale when he shot Pete with Deanna’s blessing. And then of course, there was the brutal way he finished Gareth in Four Walls and a Roof. I have a feeling his count will be much higher at the end of Season Six.




1. The Governor

Kill Count: 27

Nobody murders quite like The Governor! I believe his number is actually a lot higher–the eye patched villain was involved with so much death it’s very hard to get an accurate number for just how many victims he’s had. One thing for certain though is that the moment he killed Hershel was one of his kills that had the biggest impact on fans.


There you have it–the top 10 killers of humans and walkers on The Walking Dead! Were you surprised by any? Let me know in the comments!

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