Whose Last Day on Earth Was The Walking Dead Episode 6×16?

AMC_TWD_S6B_616_Inside_LastDayOnEarth_01-800x450Whose Last Day on Earth Was The Walking Dead Episode 6×16?

BGB discusses the theme of finality as seen in The Walking Dead Episode 6×16

What’s up, Deadheads? Yeah, I’m the same after Sunday. That’s why this isn’t going to be another post about who’s dead or a commentary on the cliffhanger.

I may take on those topics in the future, but I’ve made the decision not to add to that conversation at this time.

No, I didn’t bait and switch you. The title of this piece is “Whose Last Day on Earth Was The Walking Dead Episode 6×16?” and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

The answer is–almost everyone’s.

Only one person died when the camera faded to black, but many of the characters in this episode had a last day of sorts.


Morgan lived his last day as the man that would not kill.


Carol lived her last day as the woman who was hell bent on surviving.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.55.04 PM

Carl lived his last day believing that he had the power to keep people he loved from being hurt.


Gabriel lived his last day as a man not being trusted to step up to the plate.

the-walking-dead-episode-616-aaron-marquand-1200x707Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.54.08 PM

Aaron and Eugene similarly lived their last day of being the ones who are left behind when things might be dangerous.


Abraham and Sasha lived their last day of being afraid to move forward, to build a life like the one Maggie and Glenn are trying to build.


And Rick lived his last day believing that the group can get out of anything, overcome any obstacle, outsmart or kill any foe when they work together.

Your last day on Earth doesn’t have to be the day that you die. Something can change you so much for better or for worse that you emerge as a different person on the other side. That old you dies, and you are left figuring out who to move on as the new version of yourself.

Every one of our survivors has already lived through one last day–the last day of normalcy before the world became stalked by the walking dead. Now, many of them are again living in a brand new world.

And so are we.

Sunday night was a last night on Earth of sorts for all of us. When The Walking Dead returns in October, the world will be a new one.

Like our survivors, we are lined up, helpless and uncertain of what lies ahead.

Who will we lose?

What other pains await?

Is there a way to work things out with Negan that won’t result in more loss?

And will there be any room for joy when we alongside Team Family awaken in this new life?

It will be a long wait until we know the answers.

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  1. Andy’s performance was remarkable. It was utterly heartbreaking to witness his unraveling.
    Kudos to the entire cast, who gave it their all ~ and then some.

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