Why ‘The Walking Dead: The Alien’ Comic Is a Necessary Edition

_RKTWEET02Why ‘The Walking Dead: The Alien’ Comic Is a Necessary Edition


If you are on twitter and follow The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman, chances are you saw a very cryptic tweet from him sometime yesterday afternoon. I do my best to keep up with what’s going on in the world of the show and comics, but I was genuinely surprised and intrigued by what this could be about.




What is this special surprise in store? Why is it important to TWD Universe? I had to find out.


In a collaboration with Panel Syndicate, Robert Kirkman announced a new 31 page digital comic written by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. Set in the world of Rick, Carol and the rest, ‘Alien‘ gives us a look at the ZA overseas in Spain. It follows the rescue of a guy named Jeff, by a woman named Claudia.


The one-shot is available for download now at Vaughan and Martin’s PanelSyndicate.com, which aims to distribute comics inexpensively for everyone. Those interested in scoring a copy can name their price, all the way down to $0. But take note: The creators do all the work for free upfront and only get paid if the audience wants to support it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

So, another spin-off? No, not exactly. It’s important because the story of this man Jeff ties into one of our beloved survivors currently trying to save Alexandria from the Saviors.


Who, you ask? Sorry folks, if you want to know you’ll just have to read ‘The Walking Dead: Alien“. But have no fear, Panel Syndicate allows you to name your price. Downloads as a PDF right to your machine and is ready to read immediately.


VIDEO: How ‘Alien’ Came to Be



Whether you like the comic books or you haven’t read them, this is a quick easy read that will expand this universe even further.  If you want to get your own copy of ‘The Walking Dead: Alien‘, click here and name your price.

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